Lake St. Clair to Lake Huron

This is my travel journal from a yacht delivery trip of the Motor/Yacht (M/Y) Odyssey, a 75 foot Lazzara, which started in Fort Lauderdale and ended in Bay Harbor, Michigan.- Carla

Oops, I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that we were boarded, once again, by Customs Border Patrol (CBP), which is under Homeland Security, on our entry back into the US.  Been this route before, so I was prepared with my ID and Davey had my passport.  This group were a bit more friendlier,  especially when we checked out just fine in their computer.

Yvette and Dave gave me more navigation lessons during this next stretch through Lake St. Clair to Lake Huron, so I spent several hours helping to spot buoys and find where we were on the charts.  During this journey, they helped to improve my basic boating skills, which I certainly appreciated.  I improved my knot typing skills, line handling, boat type ID (ie: the difference between a sloop, ketch, etc.), navigation, terminology,  lock transport, placement of fenders, cleaning the boat, etc..

What I remembered most about Lake St. Clair and the river are the big, beautiful houses  on the shore.  Once we got to Port Huron, which is where the river opens into Lake Huron, there was a Sailboat Regatta going on:

Lake Huron Regatta

Lake Huron Regatta

Also, a picture perfect lighthouse:

Port Huron Lighthouse

Port Huron Lighthouse

As you travel in Lake Huron, there is a sobering reminder of how quickly things can go wrong on a boat:

Lake Huron Shipwreck

Lake Huron shipwreck above.

Pass the shipwreck, the sky darkened and we got some lightening and rain:



Luckily, the lake stayed pretty calm throught the storm, so we safely made it to our next destination, Rogers City.  We really liked this small town, which rolls up on a Sunday night.  We walked through their downtown, and found only one restaurant open for business.  Here are some images of this lovely little town:

  • Memorial from a Laker Shipwreck

    Memorial from a Laker Shipwreck

  • Sculpture in Lakeside Park
  • Sculpture in Lakeside Park
  • Thinking of Jack

    Thinking of Jack


    Love the weathered wood and window on this next picture:



    A Kid at Heart!

    A Kid at Heart!

    A fun assortment of photos, but it gives you an idea of what we saw as we were walking around this town.  Now, my favorite photo is the sunset shots over the marina.  This shows you what our view was like:



    Pretty cool, isn’t it?  I think I will turn some of my pictures into a pictorial quilt.

    We also met some delightful kids while in this Marina.  They came down and talked with Capt. Dave, then came back the next morning to see the boat off.  It was fun to have a send off from these future boaters.


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