Leaving Sodus Point, NY

This is my travel journal from a yacht delivery trip of the Motor/Yacht (M/Y) Odyssey, a 75 foot Lazzara, which started in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and ended in Bay Harbor, Michigan.- Carla

Hello to all!  I haven’t updated my post for awhile… the flu bug laid my sister and I low for about 5 days.  We are now up and feeling well once again, so life is good!  Even better- we just returned the rental car and plan to leave today!

Here are a few pics from our stay here in the marina (click to enlarge)   and (oops, the crochet one shouldn’t be in this grouping):

The mechanics are done, only some computer programming to do with the engines and the joystick.  This boat has the new feature where you can drive it with a joystick control.

Staying here a week, though picturesque, has been challenging.  It is a remote location and even the grocery store is far away.  I am glad that we were hit with the flu while awaiting parts and repair, it would have been miserable to be sick and working the locks.

Speaking of locks, tomorrow, if all goes to plan, we will be in the Welland Canal.  The Welland Canal allows shipping and sea traffic to bypass Niagara Falls.  Due to our time constraints, we will miss taking an extra day to see the Falls, visit the Niagara wineries, and obtain some ice wine.  Bummer!

Creative wise, I have only finished one item- a freeform scarf for my sister:

(click photo above)

I am working on some beaded items to share later.  Hopefully, I will finish at least 2 items before the trip ends.

More to tell you, life on a boat is very interesting.  I confess to being a bit homesick right now to see Joe, Baby Jack and home!  Big news at home is that Oscar got 1) a foxtail in the eye; and 2) bit by an animal in the hind leg.  He has been to vet 3 times this week.  Poor Oscar!

oscar My favorite picture of Oscar

Hugs to you all, hope all is well on your end.  The Oydssey continues…….

8 thoughts on “Leaving Sodus Point, NY

  1. Am glad to hear you are all well…was starting to get a little worried about you with now update for several days. Have a safe trip!

  2. Wow, Carla…the flu and everything this trip! Even your cat back home can’t catch a break! Why is life like this sometimes???

    But I am glad you are feeling better. The crochet piece is beautiful.

    Hope your Odyssey continues with less adversity, dear!


  3. Boat repairs suck. So does the flu and missing Niagara.

    Poor Oscar..tough times all around….hopefully you’ll have a nice day tomorrow. The Welland is a bit grungy, but spectacular!

  4. Glad you better and on your way….poor Joe….he must miss you a lot …taking kitty to the Vet 3 times…

    Sorry you’ll miss Niagara Falls — saw it last when I was 18 — a very long time ago….

    Hope everything goes smoothly the rest of the trip!


  5. It’s too bad you’ve no time to spend. I live maybe an hour away from the Welland Canal and there are a couple of really nice quilt shops in the Niagara area. Not to mention the wineries! Glad you’re over the flu.

  6. So glad that you are over the flu bug. This seems like such a long trip, being sick while underway would have been awful. Though being homesick is just about as bad. I think you need to post a Day # log on the next trip. That way we can all know how long you have been gone and how much we need to miss you. Ha-Ha.

  7. What a great trip! I’m very sorry you were sick, but glad you coordinated it with a mechanical stop. Wish I were close enough to bind your quilt, but I don’t think you could get your boat up the Connecticut River!

  8. Carla,
    You are probly on your way home (or at home) when you read this. Glad you got over the flu and are feeling better. I enjoyed reading about the adventure and loved seeing it through your eyes. This will be the only way I will ever get to experience such a trip. Thanks so much for your posting and commentary along the way.

    I finished my wedding quilt while you were sailing and will post pics of the quilting you helped me with. Thanks again.
    Darlene S

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