Troy, NY

This is my travel journal from a yacht delivery trip of the Motor/Yacht (M/Y) Odyssey, a 75 foot Lazzara, which started in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and ended in Bay Harbor, Michigan.- Carla

I have switched my blog post titles to reflect the places that we dock at each night on this journey.  For those of you just stumbling on my blog, we started this yacht delivery in Ft. Lauderdale and will end it at Bay Harbor, MI.

Last night, we stopped in Troy, New York at the same place we docked at 2 years ago with the Wombat.  Joe, the dockmaster, is a real nice guy, and he was kind to offer us the use of his car to provision if need be.  He did this, too, last time we were there.

Odyssey at Troy, NY

Odyssey at Troy, NY

We decided to top off the fuel, so we only picked up a small amount compared to the usual.  How would you like to pay this bill?:

IMG_5880 That’s $952.42 for diesel, in case you can’t see it.

The town of Troy was having a late night art fair, so I took advantage to shop after we ate dinner.  I picked up some yarn,  2 new books, and a Brown Brewing Co. t-shirt for my husband, Joe.  We always eat at this brew pub, which has terrific food.

Btw, for all you history buffs, the legend of Uncle Sam originated in Troy.  I like this mural on the side of the  building next to the brewery:


As I mentioned, we now start up the locks.  This is really interesting, at least for the first few locks, then it becomes routine.  By the 40th lock, we are groaning inside, “Not another blasted lock!”  LOL

Hugs, Carla


5 thoughts on “Troy, NY

  1. Ouch to that fuel bill! Big ouch!

    Love the mural.

    Looking forward to seeing some of the work you’ve been doing while away…what beaded stitched wonders!

  2. What a fun and amazing trip…loving history I can imagine a time long ago when people traveled just like you are!!! I have been to Troy too…I think the “the night before Christmas” was written there too. What a historic town…
    Boy the gas…yeeks…
    Once again thank you for posting this for all to enjoy!!

  3. Carla, I worked in the building along there and use to sit and watch the boats on my lunch hour. Lots of interesting things to see. I guess you didn’t stop in Scotia this year, better in Troy anyway, more to do. Have Fun.

  4. Carla,

    I am loving your yachting trip. I have never done anything like it but it sounds and looks WONDERFUL. Thanks for letting me share in the adventure through your blog. What a great trip so far.

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