New York City

Hello from Odyssey!!   As you can tell, wifi hook-up is really hit or miss.  Whenever I find it, I will upload my pictures and blog journal posts.  Here is my report from New York City.

We motored into New York Harbor and here is a picture of the Statue of Liberty:


and a picture of lower Manhattan:


We took on gas and then docked across the Hudson this time in Liberty Landing Marina, which was actually much calmer than in North Cove, which is in the Financial District of NYC.  In that Marina, you are constantly in motion due to the proximity of the River.

Check out our fabulous view from  the marina:


The next day we rented a car so we could provision the boat once again.  Also, Captain Dave’s mom and dad flew into NY to join the boat.  Jerry and Beth are from Dallas, Texas, and they plan to stay on board a little over a week.

All 5 of us (Dave, Yvette, Jerry, Beth and I) nabbed the ferry over to the City, then grabbed a taxi to do the typical tourist day of a bus tour.  Here are some random shots of  NYC,  as seen from my eyes:




United Nations

United Nations




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