Catskills, NY


I remember this place from my last visit.  We docked, washed the boat, then walked from the marina into town to grab a bite.  The same terrific little Italian food place was still there,  and the food did not disappoint.


My favorite part of this town is the “Art Cats on Display,” in which local artists paint, deconstruct or add to a kitty sculpture.  Here are a few to give you an idea of what I mean:








Here is a close up shot of one cat completely covered in bugle beads:


back of the cat:


Last, but not least….  the Liberty Cat:


There, how did you enjoy the show?

Our next boat stop is Troy, NY, where we get the boat ready to start through the Erie Canal locks.  My job is line handler in the back of the boat- aka the “aft.”.  Trust me, going through the locks is hard work!

Next time, I hope to show you the artsy stuff I have worked on.  For the latest news, sign up for my Twitter “tweets” or read them on the right hand column of this blog.  You can follow me on a map in real time!

Hugs, Carla

9 thoughts on “Catskills, NY

  1. Good Morning! Thought I would drop a comment before we leave the dock… It has been a blast, and I am only halfway through the trip. Lots of memories ahead.

    I am having creativity withdrawals though. Hard to bead when the boat is underway, so I’ve turned to yarn and finished my first freeform item.

    There are some new additions to the boat, too. Dave’s mom and dad are on board right now. They will leave the boat from Detroit to head back home to Dallas.

    All in all, I love being on board the boat and seeing life from a slightly different viewpoint. Hugs, from Carla

  2. Oh, I love the cats. Some people are just absolutely creative. I’ve put together a huge pile of yarns to make a free-form something or other sooner or later….somehow I think later is the operative word. It will be beautiful once I get to it. LOL!!!



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