Arrived to Atlantic City

Just arrived to Atlantic City, NJ, we are currently docked at the Trump Marina.  Here are some pictures on our way into the Harbor of the Boardwalk from inside the boat offshore.  Look closely and you can see the boardwalk with all the large hotels:


Once inside the Harbor, we fueled up with 503 gallons of gas, so I took these pictures at the gas dock:


While we were taking gas on, an idiot in 40 foot boat was obviously clueless about how to drive a boat, so he slammed into the gas dock right in front of us at a 90 degree angle.  Things like this is common, since anyone can drive a boat, no license is needed for smaller boats.  We are constantly in protective mode so that other boaters do not hit the Odyssey.

I thought this picture was interesting- tasty bait you could purchase if you were so inclined:


The view across the gas dock:


We are heading to Harrah’s for dinner!

Later on….   Dinner was very good tonight.  Yvette and I walked back to the yacht, and left Dave behind to win his fortune at Blackjack.  On the way back, I jumped over a wall, walked along a sea wall to get some beach sand for my collection.  Picked up some terrific shells, too.

Here is where we tied up to in Atlantic City:

Trump Marina

Trump Marina

Tomorrow, we head to NYC.  I love the entrance into the harbor, we motor past the Statue of Liberty and get to dodge all the ferries, water taxi’s. and other boats.  Once in NYC, we will take a few days off to relax, before we head up the Hudson River to the Erie Canal.

Take care- and I hope you have enjoyed my journey so far!  I have been taking pictures of the various critters and wildlife we see along the way, perhaps I can write a critter post. LOL  Hugs, Carla


6 thoughts on “Arrived to Atlantic City

  1. We always used to pull up to those docks in a hard dingy with no motor. Rowing….I would heave myself up to them, and let me tell you, sometimes it was quite the climb, having flung my 5 gallon tank up ahead of me, and then ask to fill it. I was always quite impressed how cheery people were despite the laughably small size of the bill.

    Excuse my stupid question about going outside and up through Long Island Sound, for some reason I thought you were headed to Maine, though you have already said you are headed up the Erie.

    Beautiful trip….a lot of work. Should be absolutely lovely. We adored it.

  2. I’m really enjoying reading about your trip. We are currently looking for a boat to do the Great Loop in, so we are living vicariously through your posts for now until we find the right one for us!

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