Carolina Beach to Virginia Beach, VA


The time we spent at Carolina Beach  (see Marina above) was short indeed!  Yvette and Dave’s longtime friend, David,  came down to where the boat was tied up with his 2 adorable kids.  We all piled into his car and headed over to his restaurant, Ocean Grill and Tiki Bar Restaurant in Carolina Beach, NC. Talk about a fun place!  If you click on the link, you can see a video of the place right on the ocean.

The place was packed, the Tiki Bar had a band playing, there was overflow to the beach sand, and the drinks were flowing.   David is a  very fun person, and hilarious stories about him lasted most of the night.  David spent time as a yacht chef onboard a 150 foot yacht many years ago, and tales of his cooking skills is legendary- not to mention his art skills and ability to entertain a whole nightclub with his band.

I had my share of “fruity run drink without an umbrella,” and for dinner I had the best fresh crab I have ever eaten!  If you are ever in the area, you have to visit this restaurant, the food is THAT good!.

We had a late night, so we missed the fireworks.  That’s ok, I wouldn’t have missed meeting David, his wife, Abby, and kids, and eating such good food.

Up at 5:30 am, and we were off the dock at 5:50 am. Here’s a pretty sunrise picture:


This was the day we were planning to head out around Cape Hatteras while the weather was good.  We did have a rough ride the first 6 hours or so, then it settled down once we got around the point all the way into Virginia Beach, our next stop.  On our way into the harbor, we passes some parasailers:


Once we docked, we rinsed down the boat, cleaned ourselves up, and walked down to Rudee’s for dinner.  Since it was a Saturday night on a holiday weekend, it was crowded, so we had to wait for our table.  I had actually been to this restaurant once before, a few years ago on the initial delivery trip of the M/Y Wombat from Maine to Ft. Lauderdale.  The food didn’t disappoint, I had some more crab.  It wasn’t as good as the crab at David’s place the night before, but it was sure tasty.

Back to the boat for a good night’s sleep!  Here’s a picture taken in the marina.  I love the boat with the painted face:


5 thoughts on “Carolina Beach to Virginia Beach, VA

  1. Sounds like you are having a great time! We had a mix of sun and rain/thunder/lightening here in western NJ. We got soaked for the parade but did our part with clapping for everyone. Those poor folks were soaked and not to mention how dangerous for the folks who were carrying those flag poles!

    I finally got my sock knitting machine to knit! How exciting is my life! The little tinkling of the needles going up and down is kind of relaxing!

    So, I have just one question….do you like crab, Carla? Because I’m not really sure….LOL

  2. I read on twitter that you made it to Atlantic City. Weird place, no? I have some stories to tell about that place. Goodness. Are you going to go inside through Hells gate to Long Island or stay out as you go north? Depends on the weather I imagine.

    Glad you’re having fun,



  3. I’m enjoying your pictures….love the sunset….and the boat with a face. Never been to NYC …always wanted to go….be sure to post a statue of liberty picture as you go by.

    Enjoy — it all sounds like such fun! :o}

  4. I’m jealous! I lived in Va Beach in my twenties while my girl friend was stationed in the Navy there! We camped all over the country side from there to North Carolina. I rode my bike everywhere, had a lot of beach time and ate a LOT of crab! What a fun trip you must be having!

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