5 Days in Charleston

Charleston- Mon-Thursday:

Hello from Charleston… still.  Weather, along with some engine warranty issues, have provided a nice delay in Charleston until now.   We have taken the opportunity to sample the wonderful southern cooking, the sites, do some shopping, and relax.

Internet has been hit or miss, so forgive my delays in posting.  We also do not have cable, so I missed the final episodes on all the television finales.  The boat does have satellite, but not the local channels.

Here is a lovely sunset picture in Charleston City Harbor:


I love the reflection in the yacht’s window.  No retouching of color either in that shot.

I visited an old friend, Gail, who owns a bead shop in North Charleston.  Gail has a great sense of humor and is a lot of fun!  Gail came to Joe and I’s wedding, which is how long I have known her.   Here are 2 pictures of Gail and her shop:



Now, here are some random shots of Charleston.  You know me, I do not like to take the typical tourist pictures.  Instead, I look for close up shots of interesting things:




Here is a picture of the boat, taken just after docking in the rain the first night we arrived.


This morning, I saw a family of dolphin swimming just on the other side of the boat.  It was a mom, dad, and baby.  I was taking pictures, but will upload them later to see if I was quick enough.

I love the pattern in this palm:


As I mentioned, gale force winds and high seas have delayed our trip.  You must be patient and just “go with the flow” so to speak, on a trip like this.  The same applies for engine issues.

Dave, the captain, prefers to run the boat off shore, out in the Atlantic.  There is an alternative, running inside in the Inter-coastal, also called “the ditch.” The Inter-coastal is an inland channel which was initially created during WW2 so that commercial vessels, small boats,  and barges could safely transport goods  up and down the eastern US coast.

Running in the ditch is slow going.    It used to be maintained by the government, but hasn’t for several years.  This heightens the chance for running aground, due to silt.  It will also be crowded, so you have to watch for other boats.

It looks like we will divert our route tomorrow morning and take the Inter coastal north for a few days.  I’ll take some pictures for you if I see anything interesting.  Hope to update this tomorrow in a position north of us.

Hugs, Carla


7 thoughts on “5 Days in Charleston

  1. Hi, Carla,

    I’m not sure how I stumbled across your blog but I found it fun to read. I’m also a quilter, traveling on a boat and hunkered down near Charleston waiting for the weather to clear! We’re at the Isle of Palms marina just north of Charleston and will also leave tomorrow. You’ll probably pass us along the way!)

    I’ve been blogging our adventures sailing from Annapolis and spending the winter in the Bahamas on http://moondance38.wordpress.com.

    I love your quilts (and I am definitely out of your league when it comes to machine quilting!) One of the only things I bought in the Bahamas was some batik fabric from Androsia (http://www.androsia.com/index.html) Any suggestions for a quilt pattern? I’m thinking about making a coverlet for the boat…

  2. Hi, Carla!

    I thought about e-mailing you, and asking if you were okay.
    We have been drowning here in Florida, with streets under water and non-stop rain. It finally let up a little today. I have wondered if it was any better for you down the coast from here.

    I love your unusual Charleston pics, especially the red door. Don’t worry about your season finales on tv! There’s always live streaming, and repeats.

    Be safe, and be well. I look forward to hearing more from you on your blog, of hopefully of better weather and no technical difficulties!

  3. Hope you enjoy the ICW, that isn’t the loveliest stretch. I adored Georgia, but you go for miles and miles and miles winding through the land and cover very little actual distance south.

    Gosh, dolphins…miss them.

  4. Good Morning!! Up at 5:30 am and ready to undock and head up the ICW. I’ll be looking for Harriet’s boat, Moondance, as we go by her docked. It would be fun to meet her if we are in Myrtle Beach at the same time.

    Yes, we have been following the weather south of us and happy we headed north when we did. Otherwise, we would still be in Ft. Lauderdale for sure!

    Yes, Christine, the ICW is going to be slow going. Odyssey is used to going much faster- cruising speed is 26 knots.

    Happy Friday to you all! Carla

  5. Hi Carla,

    I, too, love the red door photo. I’m curious about what books you decided to put onto your Kindle. How many have you read so far? Get any beading done?

    Enjoy your Friday!


  6. Loved the picture of the door (a future quilt?) — I like unusual doors with arches. Also the palm tree was very interesting. Wishing you fair weather and good health throughout.

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