2nd Report- to Charleston, SC

Second report- St. Augustine to Charleston, SC

IMG_5261 View of the Harbor from the boat.

Yesterday, we got up at first light to refuel and head out from St. Augustine.

IMG_5264 Leaving St. Augustine

The sea was calmer, so no sea sickness anywhere to be seen.  A perfect day motoring, though we lost another engine on this 4 engine boat.   The day before, out of Ft Lauderdale, engine #1 failed.  The engine manufacturer, to its credit, sent a man out to St. Augustine to repair the first engine.

We made it to Charleston with a storm front heading our way and it was already raining when we docked.   After you dock, which involves putting out the fenders (which  keeps the yacht from banging against the dock and getting damaged.),  tying the lines to the dock, and then hooking up the power, cable and water to the dock source;  we grabbed a cab to get dinner in the market section of Charleston at a place called Hanks.  This was a nice restaurant, and I had she-crab soup for my appetizer and curry shrimp for my entrée.  Service was great, the food was excellent, and so with full tummies we called our cabbie for the ride back to the harbor.

The weather reports listed Gale force wind conditions, so we will be staying put in Charleston until the weather and sea conditions improve.  Lots to do here, and I have already located both a bead shop and a quilt store!  LOL

Charleston- Day 2:  Woke up refreshed, and  peeked out to look around.  Rainy still.  Only one sailboat appears to be in trouble.  It looked like it broke free from its mooring and hit a sand bar.


Later today, I will add pictures to my posts so that it illustrates what I am describing.

Captain Dave is trying to deal with the 2nd engine problem this morning, and I’m attempting to upload my writings to the blog.  With the rain, wifi is hit or miss.  With some down time, I can work on some freeform beading projects or freeform crochet.  Of course, retail therapy is a must!!

I hope you will check back later today to see pictures.   Hugs, Carla

5 thoughts on “2nd Report- to Charleston, SC

  1. I don’t know how long you’ll be in Charleston, but my brother is playing in the orchestra for the opera Louise that is part of the Spoleto USA music festival. It opens on the 22nd (though you’re likely to be gone by then!)

  2. It’s the weather, the engines, and the sea sickness that as long as they aren’t too seriously troublesome, they add to your adventure! Still, smoother seas and curry, and finding a bead shop and quilt shop are a much better time! Be safe, and be well. And enjoy your retail therapy!

  3. Oh my goodness what an amazing adventure! I lived in Florida once and miss it very much and that cuban food..and now you are in Charleston? Wow wave at Cape Hatterous NC as you go bye..I have never been but I have roots in Bath and Washington that go way way back. I found you on the Artfiberfest were I am teaching this year. I love the house you are taking the boat to! I am going to follow you on this trip~

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