Packed and Ready to Go

Tomorrow I leave for my 2009 boating adventure trip.  Think of it as a working holiday of sorts.  You all would be proud of me… I am only bringing one carry on and one suitcase.  More typical for me is 2 each, so I am being very good in a “less is more” kind of way.

We had a bunch of frequent flyer miles that were going to expire, so I am traveling first class, too.  I don’t know about you, but I love flying first class- at least the few times I have been fortunate enough to be upgraded.  You actually get real meals instead of overpriced snack boxes.  My suitcase can weight 100 pounds and no one charges you extra.  Life is good.

Ok, I did downsize the weight of beads I am taking.  Beads need to be carried on, since I don’t trust the baggage handlers one bit.  Who knows?  One of them may have a bead fetish or something, so best to be safe and put them in the carry on.

Are you like me?  I also carry on all prescriptions, would hate to enrich some airport employee who sells them on the street for profit.  Same goes with all my electronic goodies- the computer, the camcorder, the camera, and my iphone.  Oops, can’t forget that noise- cancellation headphones either.  You have to bring reading material, too, so my carry on is a bit heavy.  Thank goodness it has wheels, so I can easily cart it through the airports.

Ahhhh… South Florida.  I am craving Cuban food and stone crabs.  The sand and the ocean.  Of course, if I hit any new beaches, then I collect the sand for my sand collection:


So I hope you will follow my adventure!    If you are following the boat itinerary, I hope to at least meet one blog reader.  Right now, the starting point will be Fort Lauderdale, and our departure date depends on sea and weather conditions.   We will head north along the eastern seaboard.

Bon Voyage!  Carla

9 thoughts on “Packed and Ready to Go

  1. Happy Sailing!!! I will be checking your blog to see how it goes. Have never flown 1st class, probably never will…anything is better than coach!! You deserve it — so kick back and relax!!

  2. While flying coach to Australia, I dreamt of first class…….LOL. Hope you have a wonderful time during this working vacation.

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