Colllaborative Art Journal

Hmmm….  I received a publisher email offering me a good price on this terrific new book since I was a collaborator:

Collaborative Art Journals

I could not, for the life of me, remember which project was in that one?  Was it the fiber food project?  An older project perhaps?  A little investigative searching revealed it to be the inchie project I took place in a couple of years ago organized by Marylin Huskamp:


In case you are curious, I created the little birdie inchie in the second row, middle back in 2006.  I even have a old inchie tutorial in case you are reading this and wondering:


So now  I need to buy that book since a small piece of work is i it.  Congrats to LK, your book looks fabulous, a must have for any mixed media studio!!

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