Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!  My Mother’s Day was made complete by receiving this special gift:


Isn’t that cute?  Jack is standing in front of my house on Easter when I took that picture.  He is playing with a butterfly house, btw.  I love the little handprint, too!

Spring is blooming all over…. here are some flowers from my garden to share with you.  First up, one of Joe’s alliums:


Next up, some columbine:


and my favorite, a Japanese Iris:


The last 2 plants were from my old garden, and the allium was planted by Joe in memory of a trip to Hidcote Garden in Britain.  Every year, he adds more alliums.

My next quilt up is another one for Nancy back in North Carolina.  Here is the before picture, folded into quarter section:


So, what did you do special today?  Hugs, Carla

5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day!

  1. Hung out with the man. Hung out with the kids. Walked the dog in the mountains. Watched Barça tie;-(. Ate croissants stuffed with whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate. Had french fries with mayo and ketchup with a fanta for dessert at dinner. Lunch at a friend’s house with gorgeous mussles. Good day.

  2. Made my Mom a coconut custard pie — her favorite and visited with her. Did a little quilting. Spent the evening with my daughter and two youngest grandkids. Relaxing day — which is always good.

  3. Admissions of love along with hugs and kisses on the cards received from my boys. When to youngest’s soccer game. it was a nail bitter and ended in a tie. All in all it was a good mother’s day.

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