Yacht Delivery Trip

I have been taking a break from my artistic endeavors to get ready for my trip next week. Every so often, I get invited to help out on a boat delivery trip.  My sister and her husband are professional crew, they have the most wonderful job and career!   This year, the motor yacht will be a bit smaller, it is a brand new boat (75 feet) named Odyssey:


Lazzara Yachts, the boatbuilder, is based in Florida where the boat is being finished.  The private owner of this vessel, who shall remain nameless for confidentiality reasons, has several yachts.  This one is his newest and he wants it delivered to one of his other homes located in Michigan.  This is the final destination home for the summer:


Pretty spiffy, isn’t it?  This is my favorite of their homes and I am in LOVE with the downstairs wine celler wing and the indoor movie theatre!!  The owners are warm and wonderful people, so it will be fun to see them again at the end destination.

So what do you bring on a trip like this?

You have to have clothes for all weather conditions- Last time I borrowed Capt. Dave’s Helly Hansen jacket- which is perfect for wet, cold weather.  Most likely, in lower latitudes, we wear shorts, short sleeves.  In more northern latitudes, I need to pack cold weather gear.  You also have to have deck shoes to protect the boat…. this time I wear topsiders, and a good hat.  Best hat, by far, is a Tilley Hat.

You never wear your boat shoes inside, so you bring new indoor shoes that stay indoors or go barefoot. I also bring my iphone and laptop, so that I might blog and Twitter along the way.  I will also shoot video and upload them on my blog, too, so you get a real feel for the trip this time.  For all you iphone lovers, I have uploaded a dozen or so Kindle (by Amazon) books, and a few itunes movies in case I get bored.

Before we leave, my sister and I will go shopping for food and other essential items.  This is called “provisioning” the boat.  Along the way, we will reprovision the boat as needed.  Most nights, we will dock and locate a restaurant for dinner.   My sister and I are not professional chefs, so we limit our culinary skills to making lunch for the crew.

My job is to line handle during the docking and undocking.  There is a fair amount of on deck work going through the canals, this is usually the time you most need your hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.  Once you dock, I am open to helping where needed, either heading indoors for cleaning or on deck for some boat washing.  The salt water is very corrosive, so washing a boat is a frequent way of life when you are on one.

I’ve learned that people are always curious about a nice yacht and will ask you lots of questions along the way.  It is common to have people yell out, “How much did it cost?”  “Who owns it?”  “Can I come along for the ride?”    Probably the funniest moment I had was being “mooned” by a group of teenage boys while we were going through the canal lock.  They thought they would shock me and instead I laughed.  LOL!

This trip should be very interesting, so if you want to follow my travels, just come back or subscribe to my blog feeds by clicking the cartoon bird on the upper right hand side.  Take care!!  Carla


12 thoughts on “Yacht Delivery Trip

  1. Have fun on your trip! We saw a 200-foot yacht in San Francisco bay a couple of weeks ago, which was HUGE compared to the 30-foot sailboat we were on. 75 seems pretty big, too…

  2. Too fabulous for words….I’ll be watching for updates along the way….enjoy, relax & have lots of fun!

  3. I can be your assistant…hand you beads, drinks….whatever…every line lady needs and assistant! Honestly, I cannot imagine owning a home like this AND more importantly that it is only ONE of my homes.

    Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  4. Looks like something Bernie Madoff would own! 😉


    LOL… actually, I bet he owns a mega yacht… probably a 180 footer, I would guess. Registered offshore, of course.

  5. A hoody zip front sweatshirt, that’s what you will need by the time you get to MI. 🙂 Any chance you will be docking near Port Huron???

    I’ll let you know, Nancy. End of the road is Bay Harbor. Thanks for the tip about the hoodie sweatshirt!

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