Mother’s Day thoughts

Mother’s Day is one of those holidays which brings to mind bittersweet memories for those of us who have lost their mom.  Mine passed away about 3 years ago, and I think of her at the strangest moments- in the grocery store when I see a favorite food, looking into the sweet face of my first grandson, and knowing she would have loved him.

I would guess this is also a sensitive time of the year for the mothers of children who have passed away as well.  They say that the pain of losing a child is a particularly difficult loss.  I am fortunate, my 3 children are all living, and will plan on celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend with them all.  Thus said, my heart goes out to these women as their loss is indeed great.

I am blessed- I get to hug not only my 3 children, but my DIL Aimee and my grandson Jack, too.  He is about 15 months now and I love watching Jack play.  He is a climber, so you have to watch him closely or he is liable to be standing on the dining room table.  Anyway, my heart melts when I see him.  Aimee is a terrific new mom, and I enjoy watching her with Jack, too. Here is the picture of them at Easter together:


So, this year I plan on encouraging new moms, hugging my kids and grandchild, and honor the memory of my mom and grandmothers who are no longer with us.

Any thoughts on this post?  Hugs, Carla


7 thoughts on “Mother’s Day thoughts

  1. Thanks Carla for including us.. the unlucky Moms who have lost. I actually thought I was doing just ok this Mothers day week, but who am I kidding?
    My daughter and Walts will come to bring me grand child joy, and that will help immensely. For this, I am still thankful.
    Happy Mothers Day to you and yours, that Jack is growing like a weed. He is so precious:)

  2. Reading your post was exactly the push I needed to finish the handbag I had been working on for my Mother! I haven’t been feeling well, and it has caused me to drag my heels a bit.

    Your post reminded me about how demonstrative love is, particularly when it’s a Mother’s love. I think about all the loving things I have done for my son, and all the loving things that my Mother has done for me. Most of the time, they are little things. But it is those things that I think we always carry with us on our journey, throughout our lives.

    Happy Mother’s Day, Carla.

  3. Very lovely post. I am fortunate to have my mother yet but I think of my grandmother who died when I was six and the other grandma before I was born. When times are tough, I think of the very strong women who made me! My problems seem surmountable then. Happy Mother’s Day.

  4. I lost my Mother to cancer almost 20 years ago but I still think of her often. She was only 57 when she left us and that is my age now. This year is the first year I have not got new flowers on her grave for Mothers Day since she has been gone. Too much work to make the 200 mile round trip so I will take them Tuesday. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts Carla. I hope you have a great Mothers Day.

  5. Wonderful post….I miss my mum though she is alive but ill health on both our parts makes it difficult to see each other.

    We are only a few hours apart but it seems further..especially since she went totally deaf.

    We no longer have our girly chats on the phone…its not the same talking to my father!

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