Sock Monkey Quilt

This sock monkey themed quilt was pieced by my sister, Yvette (y’know, the one on the boat!).  It is, in fact, her very first quilt!


I kept the quilting simple- spirals with different fills in between.  This quilt will go to her friend, who had a baby boy.

A busy week planned… keep watching!    Hugs, Carla


8 thoughts on “Sock Monkey Quilt

  1. Love it! he spirals are perfect, just one question…
    Did you use a circle maker, or something of the like, to make your spirals? Can you let us know please?!

  2. My Mom pieced a sock monkey quilt, that I machine quilted for a baby boy in our family! He’s a little older now, but still has to have his sock monkey quilt at bed time! I did “puzzle piece” quilting on that one, because it is also simple and good for children’s quilts.

    I love the zany spirals! I’m sure it will be a much loved quilt!

  3. Did she hand piece it? Seems it would be easier that way on a boat and all…..though with the boats she is on, a sewing machine is not exactly out of the question.

  4. Oreneta writes, “Did she hand piece it?”

    Hi C, Yvette was visiting me last December and I stood over her as she was piecing it together. She is the opposite of me. I got all the artsy-ness and creativity, and she got better teeth, eyes and health! LOL! I need to sew on the binding for her to stitch down still.

    Beena, puzzle piece quilting would also have looked great! This is a quilt that will be loved by the recipient, for sure! LOL

    Thanks, as always, for your comments! Hugs, carla

  5. What a darling quilt. I just run onto the pattern for making the monkey when I was cleaning out my mothers home. Old pattern. The socks were made in a factory just a few miles from here.

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