Cuppa Joe

One of the side benefits to being married to Joe is that he brings me french pressed, 100%  Kona coffee to me every morning.  A perfect cuppa Joe, no pun intended.  I married a coffee lover and I rather like it.

redbeans (photo from

100% Kona Coffee is a bit pricey- about $30 per pound)  Pretty soon, I bet he’ll start serving me Blue Mountain Jamaican coffee next.  I’m OK with that.

If you haven’t tried it yet, it has a wonderful flavor with no bitter aftertaste.  It makes you turn your nose up at canned coffee.


Tonight we are attending a BBQ at a friend of Joe’s from work.  This is a lovely couple from Pakistan,  it is sure to be a multi-national evening.  Joe has friends from all over the world, so I love seeing how other cultures live and what food they eat.


This was a productive week for my private machine quilting instruction… 4 new students!  I love to work with new and existing quilters one-to-one, and help them grow their skills.

Enjoy your weekend!!


5 thoughts on “Cuppa Joe

  1. Sounds like you had a busy week! I’d love it if someone brought be fantastic tasting coffee (decaf for me) everyday! What a treat that would be.

    Have a great time tonight.


  2. Did I tell you??? I bought a CSM (Circular sock knitting machine)!! Why? I don’t know other than I can. So, I avoided going to the sale site you posted recently but then went to Ebay instead.

    I’m cleaning it now and boy is it D I R T Y and G R I M E Y. I can’t wait until this semester is over (Tuesday are finals) and then I can work more diligently on the CSM.



    Karen, You know that buying a circular knitting sock machine is on my list of “to do’s.” I can’t wait to see pictures so I may share in your joy LOL!

  3. I have some Kona sitting in my freezer that my Mom brought back from Hawaii a couple months ago. I seldom drink coffee at home, always getting it from different places to go. But when I want a good cup at home, I dip into the Kona!

    If I lived close, I would definitely take some of your classes!

  4. Hi Carla – I LOVE coffee. Can’t get enough of anything coffee-flavored! I am trying to instruct a friend on how to subscribe to your blog, but can’t seem to find the subscribe link. Can you help me out and direct me to the right place? BTW, I hope to become a student of yours someday. Would love to have private lessons. Oh, I bought the backing fabric for my vintage applique morning glory quilt top today; got it at Morning Star – one of this year’s top 10 quilt stores. Will try to get it pieced together before you return from your trip. Debbie in Chico/Sacto

    Hi Debbie, thank you for pointing out my subscription button had disappeared. I made a new one, so now it will be easy to find.

    We will get together after I get back. How is the new job going? Hugs, Carla

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