Catch up…

I have been busy beading (peyote stitch) 3 D cubes to make a jewelry piece.


My purchase arrived tonight, too, so I promise to share all the goodies I bought during their bargain sale last week:



Sunday we spent visiting Baby Jack and his mom and dad.  Jack is so blasted cute, and is at that age where he climbs on anything  He is fast, too!

Quilting wise, I just loaded a baby quilt for my sister.  When she was here last December, she pieced her first quilt to give to a friend.   I plan on quilting it, then taking it back to Florida when I go.


Speaking of my flight… I changed it for two weeks from this Friday.  Can’t wait!

Technology- You all know I love my iphone, right?  Now I am in love with Amazon’s new Kindle iphone app.  Here is how it works… just go to and pick a kindle book to purchase or download for free.  There is a “one click” button which then sends it automatically to my iphone to read at my leisure.  I have already read 2 books and downloaded 5 new ones.

I like the software better than ereader, so kudos to Amazon for this terrific app!

Hugs, Carla


5 thoughts on “Catch up…

  1. Can’t wait to see your pics of the jewelry piece you are working on, and the goodies you bought!

    My Mother is the one in my family who gives me stuff to quilt. Although I’ve encouraged her to learn free motion quilting, she has a lifetime free pass with me. Very hard for me to say “no” to her about anything! I’m indebted.

    That is pretty cool technology, where you can download a book onto your phone! That could be handy on a boat, or for when you want to pack light but still want to have something to read!

  2. hi from springfield, missouri
    my aren’t you ambitious with your seed beads!…I’m envious as I just love all those metallic seed beads, but only manage to to get a few strung straight on to some beading wire from time to time!!
    I got lucky this spring and had some pieces selected by the editor’s at Interweave to be in Stringing and Beads 2009 and even had a pendant on the cover! Hope to have some buttons in some of their sister publications soon…In the meantime I’ve gotten my etsy store up and running and it’s proving to great fun with a recent sale to Finland which is most inspiring!

    your travels sound like so much fun and your quilt work never ceases to amaze me! I managed to make a few purses this winter and really enjoyed sitting down to my machine for a change and have a summer purse in batik in my brain that needs to get down on the cutting table

    be sure and contact me if you’ll be visiting home this summer!

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