Selvage and Quilted Canvas

Hello to anyone new to my blog today from Karen’s Selvage Blog site!   Karen is showcasing my selvage chicken I made a while ago:


Yesterday, I was working on a new Selvage project.  It is not done, I ran out of wrapped cording, so I need to wrap some more, then stitch it together.  Here is my Selvage work-in-progress:


Today, I am working on a beaded project- a dimensional peyote stitch.  Before I go, I wanted to show you an older project, now quilted.

I painted this huge canvas earlier this year.  This is quilted for texture, and will eventually be made into a purse.  The first image is a close-up with good lighting, the second is a larger image of the canvas.



9 thoughts on “Selvage and Quilted Canvas

  1. I’m curious….what kind of backing and batting did you use for your quilted canvas?

    Your delayed trip to northern Michigan could be a blessing. Although my husband golfed yesterday, we still have a small pile of sno in our front yard.

  2. Thanks for sharing all these great projects! I haven’t done any work with selvages, but your projects make it look so fun! And the quilted canvas purse is just gorgeous. You are an inspiration, as always!

  3. Love your blog. Can you email me as to where I can find the chicken pin cushion pattern? I’ve been looking for it for awhile…….thanks.

    Hello, I emailed you the name of the original designer- who passed away in the late 90’s. Also a chicken pincushion tutorial found online. Thanks for visiting! C

  4. Can’t wait to see the purse– the colors are so Carla! Love the selvege art. I have a bowl on my counter with saved sleveges, just ’cause I like the dotty art (and sometimes, the out of context words!). Hmmmm– you got me thinking!

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