Happy Earth Day!!


Thought I would recycle the cartoon I drew last year!  Seems appropriate.

It has been a year since Joe and I installed a solar system on our house.  We love it!  Now that we had the data for the first year, the number of panels we installed worked out well.   Our electricity cost for the entire year was under $10!

This year, thanks to increased government support (tax incentives, rebates), the cost savings can be about 30%!!   Here in CA, there are both state and federal incentives.  It just made sense since we live in a part of the US with extremely expensive electricity.

Besides going solar, Joe and I recycle, compost for the garden, and we built our house with some earth smart and energy saving devces.  besides being green, it just makes sense financially.

I would love to hear if you have changed your behavior in order to be more green or save $$.  Regards, Carla


6 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day!!

  1. Hi Carla,
    I have always been a bug about not being wasteful trying to do my part to save the planet. My biggest gripe is the over use of plastic grocery bags. I love my resuable bags. I too recycle my cans and bottles. I love your beaded bag.

  2. No car.

    I don’t buy much stuff, and if I do, it is usually new. Wish we had some solar here in sunny Spain…especially with the bill I just got today.

  3. We had a solar hot water system installed a couple of days ago, better for the environment and better for our wallet!
    We also have a recycling and green waste service where we live, so its very easy to do the little things, we also use energy saving light bulbs. Happy Earth Day Carla!

  4. I would be saving big bucks if I only paid ten dollars a year for electricity! I’m a renter so I can’t really convert to solar. But I enrolled in a program with the power company that saves energy and saves me money.

    I try to eat meatless most of the time, and wish there was more of a reduction in the green house gases caused excessive demands in the beef industry in America. It’s healthier to eat seafood opposed to red meat, anyway. The money people spend on produce is a “green”move for the earth, too!

  5. I think we’re reasonably green; I’m a born scrounger and we recycle just about everything; compost; on-demand water heater; front-load washer; clothesline; gravity fed spring water; heat with wood (our own, free for the cutting). We use propane for cooking and water heating and our 500 gallon tank can last as long as two years, though we keep it topped off.

    There are also lots of wild edibles to forage in spring and summer. I just brought in a bunch of wild onions and the wild asparagus is starting down by the road; have to get that before the cows, LOL. In the late fall we get giant wild rose hips for canning and jelly, yum.

    This year I’m expanding the veggie garden a little too. Neighbors have a huge rhubarb that needs dividing – cool

    However, we’re still 100% dependent on the grid for electricity and very interested in solar. Carla, do you mind if I e-mail and pick your brain about your system?

  6. I am proud of you all for what you are doing to make the earth a better place for the generations to come!

    Jorja, yes, please email me and I would be happy to share. Our system is a “net metering” one, meaning that some times in the day, we make more than we use, so we sell it back to the power company. In the evening, when obviously the solar panels are not in use, we buy power back from the grid.

    Your foraging for wild edibles reminds me of what I do every spring- I serve salads that include a plant called “miners lettuce.” It is fun to have company, then take them on a walk to harvest the plants. I also show them “soap root” and discuss how it was used by Native Americans.

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