Head’s Up!

I am in the process of making a few more freeform beaded bags similar to this one that I’ve shown before:


The company that makes that gorgeous copper enameled turtle, artbeads.com, is having a once a year Blowout sale where they put about 2,000 items on sale for $1 each here starting tomorrow 4/20/09 for 1 week.  I received an email from VP Steve Groenier, and he says some items go for 60% off and many items go fast!  Since I know you all love beads as much as I do, I thought I would tip you off.

PS: I just placed my order and I was bad in a good way!  Just doing my part to stimulate the economy!!  LOL  Carla

4 thoughts on “Head’s Up!

  1. You would get in a lot of trouble at our local bead shop. It’s one of the biggest in Florida, and it’s 10 minutes away from here! In fact, before replying to this post, I had been here and read it earlier today. Then, when I was off doing errands, I snuck over to that bead shop! It’s all your fault!!! LOL

    I had a feeling you might be getting in trouble with some shopping after your temporary delay! That’s what I would do!


  2. I’m not going to look; I’m not going to look; I’m not going to look! I’ve been really really bad lately. I ‘ve supported the fabric and yarn industries well recently.

    Karen A.

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