Double Wedding Ring Quilt finished

Had a quick quilt to do for a friend that lives on the east coast.  Only problem was that is wasn’t all that fast.  It was one of those quilts that grow as you work on it.


and here’s the back:


As always, I like to credit the designer if I use one of their stencils in my work.  The center of the DWR is a lovely stencil by Helen Squire. Anyhow, I am glad to move on now to my next project- a baby quilt for my sister to give to a friend.

Beaded Project:

I wanted to show you my next beaded project- this will be a bead embroidered fish when I’m done, totally covered in beads.  To begin, you need to make a fish plushie in the proper size and stuff it:


I started to use a wonderful free frilly fish pattern by blog visitor, Beena, then decided to adapt it and make a trout shape instead.   Be sure to take note of this wonderful free pattern by Beena, downloadable on her blog here.  While you are there, be sure to look around and see her wonderful pictoral quilts and designs!


23 thoughts on “Double Wedding Ring Quilt finished

  1. The quilting is absolutely extraordinary! You do such beautiful work! Flawless! I have to tell you, that even though I am a free motion quilter, I do everything on a domestic machine. I have a Voyager 17 that has sat in the box for over a year (hanging head in shame). I’m hoping that maybe some inspiration will rub off on me, and I’ll finally make the time to get it all set up. If anything gets me motivated, it is seeing beautiful work such as yours!

    Thanks for plugging me in your post! It was so odd to see my design on a piece of paper in the photograph as I scrolled down! Wasn’t expecting that! Please do show us your beaded trout when finished!!!

  2. Hi,

    What lovely work.

    I have come across your image of the polka dot hen, with the 3 baby chicks following behind and have fallen in love with it.
    I am in the process of putting together a small site offering my services as a chicken sitter in the UK- this is not a business as such and is on a very tiny scale. I wondered whether you would object to me using your image on my home page, if i ensure i clearly state that you are the creator/owner of the image.

    Look forward to hearing from you.



    Hi Amy, I had to search because I couldn’t remember the image until I found it. LOL Yes, you have my permission to use it. I love chickens even though I was mean to them once when I was little. I could blame my brother, that was more his style. LOL

    Do send along your website so I can see it. If you need another color scheme, it would only take me a minute in photoshop to help you out. Regards, Carla Barrett, Feathered Fibers blog

  3. Fabulous quilting on the wedding ring — every time you do a quilt I always think — this could be a two sided quilt because you’re quilting on the back is so beautiful. Your friend will love this quilt!

  4. Wow! How did you get so good?!

    Hi Emma, I feel I can always improve- and still are not yet content with my quilting skills. This one was really a B&B kind of quilt- which stands for a bread & butter. I’ve lost count of how many quilts I have completed- somewhere between 500-700 or so.

    I visited your site and I love your quilts you do! Terrific blog! Thanks for stopping by, I hope you will come back! Take care, Carla

  5. I love how that DWR turned out! Very beautiful. I may have to add that stencil to my small collection, thanks for the info.

  6. That is super pretty! I just bought that stencil a few weeks ago. I like Helen Squire’s designs. I was going to use it as the center of a medallion in a wholecloth, but I chickened out; having never done trapunto before I chose one that looked a little easier to trim. Well, trimming wasn’t bad at all. I just took tiny, tiny, snips. I wish I would have chosen that now! I’ll use it on another wholecloth as I am enjoying everything about the one I’m working on-except for the fact that my backing only leaves me a very scant 1.5 on each side–eek! Oh, well, I’m working with what I got on hand….

  7. This is beautiful! Unfortunately, my BF found your blog and wants me to make her one for her daughter’s wedding in August 2010. The piecing part I can do…but the quilting? Um, not even close. So, now that you’ve gotten me into this mess (kidding, of course)…perhaps you could give me an idea of what you might charge a customer to do this? Probably queen size, perhaps king (if I started several months ago!). Thanks…I love your blog and have learned so much already through your Quilt Whisperer posts…keep those coming please!

  8. I am simply bowled over by your quilting on the double wedding ring quilt. I am making a dwr right now for my daughter’s wedding on July 4. May I ask how big the rings are in the one you posted? Also, what brand of batting did you use? It looks absolutely fabulous—
    Joyce in northern Michigan

    Hi Joyce, Unfortunately, I no longer have this quilt on hand, otherwise I would measure it for you. Batting- I used 2 layers, the bottom layer was quilter’s dream select and the top was some poly that shipped with my machine. I also like to combine quilters dream with wool, in some cases. Thank you…

  9. HI, I love the double wedding ring quilt. It is stunning. I have one of Helen Squire’s cd’s, but the quilting design is not on it. Is it in a book or available just as an individual stencil. Thanks so much for any information.

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