Sunday Landscaping


Each year, we do a little bit more landscaping around the new house.  Last year it was installing the solar system and the huge stone entrance gates.   This year, we are focusing on installing some sprinkler sytems to add some grass to the back lawn.

sprinker-system1 sod

Yesterday, Joe finished installing the sprinkler system and today he is laying down some sod.  You just gotta love a man who can do it all- he is the perfect husband when it comes to fixing and installing things.  Plus he brings me coffee every morning (see yesterday’s post) and cooks, too!  He has a successful career, is a wiz with finances, built me my dream home, really, I could go on and on about what a nice man and husband Joe is.

Oh course, I am admittedly biased when it comes to Joe.  Next month, we will have been together for 27 years!  My only complaint is that time has gone too fast….. and that he could show a bit more enthusiasm when I drag him to quilt shows.  LOL!

My sister, Yvette, also married a very nice man, too.  We were both very smart this way.  Speaking of Yvette and Dave,  Yvette sent me more details on the upcoming trip.  In case you are curious, we are going on the new boat the owner has, and not on his larger vessel.  I went to the website of the boat manufacturer and saw pictures of the “little” boat.  Of course, I say this completely tongue-in-cheek!  The new boat is beautiful with stunning lines!!lazzara

The boatbuilder is Lazzara Yachts, and the new boat is an LSX  75 called “Odyssey.”  I wonder if it will have a new boat smell?  LOL


3 thoughts on “Sunday Landscaping

  1. Is that you lounging Carla????????? Just kidding. Have a great trip. I picked a great husband too and in August we will have been married 40 years. I hope we have at least another 40.

  2. (laughing) The little boat is not so little, eh? You are going to have a wonderful time, if you are already this psyched up! I can’t wait to read your posts about your trip.

    p.s._Carla, after being completely awestruck by your beautiful quilts, that you would use my fish design for something, is an honor! Please post pics! I would love to see.

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