Weekend Already?

Wow, time sure flies- it is Saturday already!

Last night, I didn’t feel like cooking, so I could feel a date night was needed.  Joe, my DH, had the same idea and we were even thinking of the same restaurant to visit.  We both picked an Indian Food restaurant and so off we went.

Only in rural America will you go to a Indian food place and a Country Bluegrass/Gospel Music band was playing live- and with an internet feed!!  It was rather surreal, but strangely enjoyable in an odd sort of way.   We kept thinking of my MIL, Ramona, and how much she would have enjoyed the music.

This morning I am in serious need of coffee, but I am waiting for Joe to fix it.  You see, Joe is a coffee enthusiast AND he makes the best coffee by far.  He uses his various college engineering degrees to make a perfect cup!  We are talking about his special order of Kona coffee ordered from a particular farm in Hawaii.  Then he used a coffee press and has the ratio down pat for that wonderful perfect smooth cuppa Joe.   Ah… life is good!


Last up is my countdown for the boat delivery trip from Florida to Michigan!  Only 10 days to go!!  Long time blog readers already know that I get to go off on these yachting adventures with my sister, Yvette and her DH, Dave from time to time.  Last year’s trip fell through when the owner (who shall be un-named) sold the M/Y Wombat in Newport, RI to another Un-named person who is well known in the upper New England.    These things happen.

This trip is on a newer boat- I’ll show you pictures when I get to Ft. Lauderdale.  To prepare, I have to dig out my nautical knot tying  book and practice a few necessary knots.  I only need a quick refresher, then I can remember.

Carla Note: these pictures were from my last delivery trip.


I LOVE to do this!  I get to spend some quality time with my sister and Dave, plus I get to do something very different from my regular life quilting quilts, creating with beads and fibers, and being a wife & mom.


Of course, I can’t NOT do something creative, so i am bringing along lots of beads, yarns, and associated supplies. I hope newer readers will follow me along on this journey. I hope to blog through the trip when I can nab some wifi!

May it is as beautiful where you are as it is here in sunny California.  Hugs, Carla


7 thoughts on “Weekend Already?

  1. Thanks, Judy, isn’t that an incredible outfit? I had first seen that on Karen Griska’s site… I love it!

    Thanks for thinking about me and sharing that site with my blog readers! Carla

  2. My DL is the coffee maker at my house — he does it perfect –where mine is VERY uneven (he measures — that must be the difference) :-}. One of my best friends now calls him “coffee boy”.

    Those pictures make me want to run away …. haven’t seen the falls since the 1950’s when I was living in Western NY.

  3. Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful time with your sis and bro-in-law. It’s a shame Joe cannot go with you.

    There is a restaurant in Madison, NJ that is chinese and it has a live Jazz band all the time. Go figure….

    Looking forward to the pictures!



  4. I cannot imagine that the owner would be happy if you brought his boat all the way up to Niagara Falls…ignoring things like the whirlpool on the way.

    Are you trying to trick us?

    I am quite desperately jealous. Should be a fabulous trip.

    LOL, you are pretty funny!! This pic was taken on your country’s side while on foot. We docked nearby and then took the Welland Canal to bypass the Falls, which is a HUGE commercial canal with a very fast fill rate for smaller boats. I’ll see your hometown from a distance though…

  5. Count me in, to be here on your blog throughout your journey! Hopefully Michigan has warmed up a bit by now! Better pack some sweaters. Sounds like a fun trip!

    Thanks Beena, appreciate the advice. I’m hoping it is warm- but not too warm. I’m packing rain gear, too.

  6. Hi, Carla:

    I enjoy reading your posts and just love your quilting. I stopped to write today when I saw the picture of the boat docked in Scotia, NY. I could throw you a stone from my house to where you were docked. I’m going to have to stop by the locks more often to get a look at those beautiful boats. You plants are beautiful also.
    Joanne Hendrick
    Beestitched Quilting
    Scotia (Glenville) NY

    What a coincidence! Scotia was so beautiful, you are so lucky to live there! Thank you for the comment on my plants, I predict my garden in 5 years will be beautiful! This time, we are going the same route, too. Hugs, Carla

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