Wedding Ring Quilt- WIP

I’m over 75% finished with this quilt!   Don’t ask me why, but wedding ring quilts  seem to take forever to complete:


I’ll be sure to take a picture before I send it on its way.

Countdown to my working vacation… T minus 2 weeks!!  I will be flying back to Ft. Lauderdale to join my sister, Yvette,  and her DH, Captain Dave,  for another yacht delivery from Florida to Michigan.  I did this trip 2 years ago with the M/Y Wombat, however, the Wombat was sold to another owner.  I think the name of this yacht is named “Spirit,” but I will verify it when I get there.

My goal is to blog during the trip, so I might get myself a wifi booster (do they make them?), so I can locate some wifi on the journey.  This trip will take us north from Fort Lauderdale to NYC,  then up the Hudson River through the Erie Canal to the Great Lakes to the West side of MI.

We do travel to Canada,  so I had better remember my passport.   The only down side to this trip is the length of time I will be gone.  I always miss my DH, Joe, when I go on a yacht delivery trip.

That’s all from here….  take care, Carla


10 thoughts on “Wedding Ring Quilt- WIP

  1. The quilt is absolutely perfect — your quilting fits the design perfectly. I would have never thought of batiks on a wedding ring quilt but I just love it.

    What an adventurous spirit you have — off sailing!

  2. Thank you for your comments! Yes, I used a stencil for the center- one designed by Helen Squire. When I post the final picture I’ll be sure to link to Helen’s site.

  3. Carla,
    I just love the quilting on this! What an amazing job! If I were you, I’d have a very hard time giving this one away!

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