Beading artists

You all know I love to bead.  Here are some of my favorite bead artists to share with you:

Larkin Jean Van Horn– A friend of my friend, Linda T Minton, I have long admired Larkin’s work.   I love her book, which was given to me as a birthday present:


David  K. Chatt– he takes beading into the fine art range.  Be sure to check out his gallery of beaded sculptures, vessels, jewelry and cast glass.

Robin Atkins– She does bead embroidery improvisationally.  One of my all time favorite bead works is her “Rosie, the Uncaged Hen.

Jeanette Cook–  aka Beady Eyed Woman.  I have a copy of her first book from way back when.  I love her work and how she combines beads and color.

Myra Wood– I enjoy all that Myra does- freeform beading, embroidery, crochet.

Linda T Minton– Linda expresses herself using a variety of mediums, beads being just one.  One day, I hope to hang out with her in Texas and just create.

I hope you had a chance to see some exceptional artists that may be new to you.  They are all inspiring in their own way.

Regards, Carla

3 thoughts on “Beading artists

  1. Carla, thanks for the link to David K. Chatt’s website … what absolutely gorgeous EYE CANDY! (I just had to visit the websites of the other 3 bead artists you mentioned too … another hour’s less sleep, due to imperative window-shopping …)
    I always tell everyone who will listen that Larkin’s “Beading on Fabric” is the best all-around primer for this technique. I actually have TWO copies, because I thought I had lost one, and panicked, had to get another one!
    Carla, your beading is wonderful, and I think we need to plan a beading/quilting/fiberart retreat soon … maybe in the Fall?

  2. Linda, yes!!! I wondered if you would see the hint I dropped! Think of the fun we would have- our creative brains would explode with all the fun!

    Oreneta, with your art background, you would be a natural at it. I really love your paintings you shared on your blog!

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