Easter on the Ranch

A tradition where we live is to attend Easter Hill festivities.  Hosts for this event are Rancher Ed and his entire family.   This year the crowd was the largest we have ever seen!  Joe and I volunteered for traffic control, it takes many volunteers to help with the event.

We got to spend time with Jack and his parents, too.  He looked cute in his Easter outfit and was a lot of fun.  Here is Jack, who has just seen our kitty, Mia, for the first time:


and here is Jack with his mother, Aimee.  They look adorable together:


and here is a close up of Jack- who is now 14 months:


Of course we are biased… Jack is our very first grandson.  LOL

Hope your Easter was just as nice… what did YOU do?  Regards, Carla


11 thoughts on “Easter on the Ranch

  1. That last picture, with the finger????? Oh My GOODNESS! He is so incredibly sweet!

    We sat around and ate chocolate and read.

    Honestly, that’s about it!

  2. Jack is as adorable as ever. I don’t blame you one bit for being biased.

    DH, DD and I took the four little grandkids (6,4,3,2) on a 5 hour trip to my mother’s house for the Easter weekend where we celebrated with my family. There were six little kids for the Easter egg hunt, so it was really fun to watch.
    Everything was fun except for the drive up there and the drive back:)

  3. Oh is he going to be a heartbreaker!!! So adorable. My hubby and I spent Easter with our daughter and grandkids and had a very yummy dinner + got to play with the kids.

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