Selvage Chicken

It is only fitting to post a picture of my selvage chicken:


I like my selvage chicken, it has character.

Speaking of selvages, I received a call today from Doug, the quilt store owner, male quilter, and custom tear drop trailer maker extraordinaire!  Doug does a drop dead Bill Clinton inpersonation and he has a funny sense of humor. So when I answered the phone, he used his Bill Clinton voice to ask for a donation to the Bill Clinton Presidential Library so they could put in “old Spice” cologne and “other” dispenser machines in the library bathrooms.   I could not make this up, I promise you!!    Doug is one funny guy!!

But I digress…. the reason Doug called was to tell me he had saved me a huge TON of selvages!!!  Woo-hoo!!!  Now I can work on my next project.

Life is good!  Hugs, Carla


12 thoughts on “Selvage Chicken

  1. Cute chicken..I have a chicken like that (no Salvages) that sits on my sewing machine & keeps me company…

    I have a huge bag of salvages … plus collecting more…when you come by you can pick them up.

  2. Our guild did a charm exchange – primarily for a special retreat, I was over an extended period of months. Each participant had to turn his/her selvages from the fabric from which the charms were cut. Then we had a drawing for the selvages. I wanted them,, so I can try to make some items for our boutique at our next quilt show in two years. I didn’t win them, but our guild president did. She gave them to me at the guild meeting last night. How nice is she. She is genuinely nice. So, I’m looking for patterns for selvages. I see that someone was looking for the cute chicken to be posted. I am looking where I might even purchase the chicken. Thanks for your postings to share with fellow quilters and I would appreciate knowing whre I might obtain the chicken pattern. Trying to help further interest in our hobby. Again, thanks for taking time to share your passion with others.

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