Parsnip Pete…

Karen Anderson, from Blair, NJ, knows all about my strange family Easter ritual that involves a certain chocolate bunny named Parsnip Pete.  Every year, I have driven blog readers crazy by trying to locate Parsnip Pete to give my husband for Easter.

Parsnip Pete, who somehow became a family Easter Basket Favorite, more than 2 decades ago, is becoming harder and harder to spot.  One year, I tried to substitute another brand of chocolate bunny, like Pitstop Pete or the Lil Professor, but the family rebelled.

Karen is a kind soul.  You see, she sent me 2 Parsnip Petes to surprise me, then when it didn’t arrive, sent me two more!!  Here they are:


Notice that the first two are rather sickly?


Yes, it took them several weeks to get here, so perhaps  Parsnip Pete # 1 and 2 had an unfortunate detour to somewhere HOT!!  LOL

The second 2 Parsnip Petes are in pristine condition and look lovely! ppthank-you

Notice the bright yellow eyes?  The fluffy bows?  Thank you, Karen, for making my life simply wonderful  with your gifts!!!  I owe you one, friend!


Keep watching…. a Parsnip Pete cartoon, an annual Feathered Fibers ritual, may yet appear!!  Hugs, Carla


2 thoughts on “Parsnip Pete…

  1. Hi Carla,

    Over the last couple of years I seen your pleas for Parsnip Pete and requested that an earlier note would be helpful. God only knows how I remembered this so early. In fact I stopped at one store and apparently purchased Parsnip Pete’s family members (made by the same company) by mistake (Peter Rabbit). I wasn’t sure just how specific the recipients are with P.P. so I went back out and bought the real deal.

    The melted Parsnip Pete’s are actually kinda of funny looking. I thought when you said melted I expected a chocolate BLOB with creepy yellow eyes!

    You could always keep the tradition going with that adorable grandson of yours, Jack!



    PS – The Peter Rabbits will not go to waste…they will be given to my own boys who are much more interested in finding their hidden baskets than eating the chocolate!

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