Selvage Basket- WIP

Thought I would show you what I am working on today in my studio. You all know I love selvages, which are the ends of the quilt fabric that is usually cut off,  thrown away, and look like this:


So, I decided to take my selvage strips, wrap them around clothesline, and sew it together to make this selvage basket shown below.  Just click on the images to see them full size:

All I need to do now is finish it off with some embellishments, then it will find a permanent home in my studio.  Fun, fast, and rewarding way to creatively use something intended for the trash.

Save those selvages!!  I am not above making a naked plea to send me yours if you won’t use them.   In fact, I should make something to send back to those of you who do send me a nice pile of selvages.   For those needing my address, just leave me a comment.

I love using scraps and selvages, fabric that normally are thrown away.  I have another selvage project in the works, so keep watching!  Hugs, Carla

5 thoughts on “Selvage Basket- WIP

  1. Lovely basket! How did you sew the coil together? Whip stitch it by hand, on the sewing machine, glue? I look forward to seeing your next project.

  2. Thank you for your very nice comments! These kind of bowls are easy- I will do a mini tutorial for you all. (and yes, one you have the strips on the cotton cord base, you sew it together a certain way with a zigzag stitch on your machine.)

    Keep watching!!

  3. I gave a bunch of scraps to Nancy, for her guild’s cuddle quilt scrap project. The following Christmas she gave me a bowl like this — in all the collors I love — because they were from my scraps — she had take small pieces and saved them. It sits on my sewing table. Very fun project.

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