Feathered Fibers Fabric

Lori S-C, over at the Art&Play Blog, first told me about Spoonflower back in January.  Since I am having a play day today (no work), I decided to create a line of Feathered Fiber fabric.  Here would be my swatches, starting with a Carla Bird focal fabric:


and here would be the rest of the line:

Of course, I  need to make some black and white fabrics to go along with these, but it would be a start.

Hmmm… it only took me an hour to design the lot using Photoshop.  Maybe I should get some printed using Spoonflower and make something.   Off to finish a few other projects that needed to take a back seat to the last quilt.

Enjoy your weekend!  Hugs, Carla

12 thoughts on “Feathered Fibers Fabric

  1. I’ll take 3 yards of each, please. LOL. I have seen the spoonflower site before but not having any artistic talent (sigh), I did not act on it. Make a wallhanging out of the bird, tracks and dots and you can use it on the cover of your new book.

  2. Hi Carla,

    My friend just received some of fabric from this business. It was not as ‘sharp’ as she would have liked and it is CRUNCHY. Personally, it doesn’t seem worth the price.


  3. Thanks, Adam and Karen for scoop on this. I think I’ll email the company and see what they print on.
    By the way, I heard that another name for my Carla Bird is a “chicken taco.” LOL You know who YOU are!!!

  4. What’s your price? I’ll take 2 yrds of the birds and 1/2 yards of the rest. What a cool idea — this would work. It would make such a bright and sassy quilt!

  5. That is so cool Carla! You could sell your fabric through Henry Glass, they are always looking for designers. Girl, I thought I was busy. I was just checking out Chick Soup’ line. I’ll take 2 yds of the birds and 1/2 of the rest. I’ll design a pattern. off to EQ6.


  6. I have been wanting to try spoonflower – glad I read these comments before doing it! You designs are so cute – I agree that you should contact Moda. I’d buy the whole line!

    Hi Staci, My advice would be to get a swatch to assess the quality for yourself. I’ve heard from people on both sides of this issue. Some love it and some are not happy with the fabric quality. I haven’t heard anything yet about the process they are using and how archival it is. Perhaps if a company spokesman or spokeswoman could give more detail.

    Good luck! Carla

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