Finished Guild Quilt!!

Yes!!  I am finally finished with the guild opportunity quilt for the Foothill Quilters in Auburn, CA.  This is being revealed to the guild next week, so I finished it on time!  Here are some pictures:

Here is the “before” picture as it was laying on my dining room where I was auditioning thread:


Unfortunately, there were some technical issues with the black fabric which caused puckering and some excess stretch:


And here are the “after” pictures:



and more pictures of the back:



The guild’s request was to quilt a 2 sided quilt- which is very rare and challenging to do.  I am very happy with my end result, and feel I more than met my goals with the challenges presented.

It is going to be judged next week, so I will keep you posted.  My main contact for this project is the talented Carol Vierra, who along with her friend, Laura Rucker, pieced the quilt.  They worked very hard on this project, I know.

Off to babysit Jack tonight, who talked to me on the phone today and is so blasted cute!!   This weekend is busy… friends over for BBQ  and I think some R&R is due after working hard on the quilt.  Take care, Carla

22 thoughts on “Finished Guild Quilt!!

  1. I think this is simply beautiful. I like what you did with the thread color, (main focal point on the back). The quilt is so diffrent and interesting, it doesn’t have all the tiny background fill, it has a new and fresh look. This should take a few or many ribbons Carla. Your work is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing.



  2. Unbelievable. You have done a fantastic job, in a very short period of time. I hope I win!!! Enjoy your time with your grandson. He is so cute. Take care, Deb

  3. Carla, your work is outstanding. I love what you did with the different coloured thread on the back of the quilt. I know what must have gone into that quilting, I do Longarm Quilting, and it is really not easy to achieve what you did. I hope you get a wonderful response when the Quilt is judged.

    Marina (South Africa)

  4. I’m buying some tickets. Wow!! I love the quilting — you pulled it off again. Beautiful work — I’m glad you made your deadline — now RELAX! Wow Jack is talking — how time flies. I babysat Kelsey last night — she’s 2 months old now.

  5. carla-it’s beautiful! your quilting turned a *sigh* quilt to a *screaming* beauty!

    i did have a question: what batting did you use to get such beautiful definition to the quilting?

    shannon in GA

    Hi Shannon, I emailed you this info, but I thought I would post it here. I used 2 batts (Black Hobbs 80/20 and a poly for loft) for a couple of reasons. I knew I wanted the quilting to stand out a bit more in the lighting and be more dramatic, hence the extra loft. Thanks for stopping by! Carla

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