Guild Quilt and an Announcement

It was fun to see the President’s quilt given to the outgoing president at my local guild the other night.  In case you didn’t see quilt posted before, the detail of the quilting is here.

I brought my camera and took a picture while it was being held up for everyone to see:


It was good to see it go to the recipient!  Made the work worthwhile!


12 thoughts on “Guild Quilt and an Announcement

  1. Sign me up for an advance copy!!!!! How are you going to handle the quilts? Use your own or use boths? Perhaps both? Here’s a heads up if you didn’t already know it…which you probably do…….If you plan to use others, get a Release ready for use of images. I had a quilt in a friend’s book and she had me sign a release.

    I can’t wait; get that shoulder better and get cracking on the quilt whisperer book. Then perhaps if you and Joe get the video camera, you can work on a DVD?

    How about skip the book and do a DVD instead? So much more on one hand but so much less on the other.

    I VOTE FOR A DVD – who is with me?????



  2. Carla I’m so excited for you! Sign me up for an advance copy too!!!! I also vote for a DVD. You are so talented…..I have a release that customers sign so I can use the images on my new website when it is finished.



  3. Can you photoshop DVD’s??? LOL Remember…. I’m the person who hates having her picture taken.

    Thanks for the business tips!. Having a creative brain means I’m not that terrific at business, accounting, etc. I can do it, I just don’t like to.

    Perhaps while I’m on the boat in May, I will see how far I get on tackling my to-do list during my down time.

    Thanks for the encouragement 🙂 Carla

  4. Another book to add to the wish list…….make that must have list!
    And I prefer the book, as it works better over coffee in the garden.
    Judy B

  5. Oh Yeah! That’s such great news to hear that you’re going to write a book. I thinkg a DVD is a must too. Sign me up!

  6. Write a book — that is an absolutely great idea. You go for it!
    I think this could be a great seller as no one knows what to do when they finish a quilt.

  7. Book and DVD together would be wonderful – but just the book would also be great. I’m ready!! Where do I send my check? And autographed, please.

    Gosh gee golly, Carla, I am so thrilled for you.

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