I’m quilting the guild Opportunity Quilt for a local guild.  Rather than show you the top of the quilt as I’m progressing, I’ll show you a sneak peek of the back side.

The Un-cut Version:  So, this angle was taken when I stuck my camera under the quilt and shot upwards.  You get the hanging threads, naked spots, etc, because, you see, I am not done…   LOL!:


See that oblong shape thing?  That’s my extended base for all straight line and stitch-in-the-ditch type quilting.  It only comes out when I’m forced it has to.  LOL!

It doesn’t look too bad- especially when you know that I injured my right elbow again (my quilting arm) and I’m quilting with an elbow brace.  I always tell people that machine quilting is tough on the body and it is!

Tomorrow is QWW, so be sure to come back to see what I do.  Hugs, Carla


10 thoughts on “Work-in-Progress

  1. I love the star with the flowers in the interior. It’s hard to imagine what the front looks like from the quilting on the back. I also love the colored threads.

  2. What did you do to your elbow? Is it a repetitive stress kind of thing? Some day, some kind of demo for those of us who don’t quilt would be great…because I would love to know how the heck that machine works….

    Hi C, not related to quilting or repetitive stress. Both time I injured it, I was doing something else.

    Yes, I was telling Joe I want a DVD recorder and tripod for making videos for both class purposes and the blog. Then I will show you how I quilt with my longarm machine. Think of a sewing machine on major steroids!!! Hmmm… might have to go get a manicure, too, for hand close-ups! LOL

  3. Hi Carla…your quilting is absolutely lovely. After I attend your Quilt Whisperer class, I’ll be able to quilt that beautifully…right?????

    What kind of extended base are you using?

  4. I can hardly wait to see the finished quilt. Even a shot from the bottom up shows off your perfect quilting. Make sure to let us know where/how we can purchase raffle tickets once it’s finished. Maybe I’ll have a lucky streak!

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