MQX Entries

This year, I’ll have 2 quilts juried into Machine Quilter’s Exposition in New Hampshire.  Today was mailing day, so here is my first entry getting trimmed and ready for the mailing:


I like how the morning light showcases the quilting.  The other quilt heading to MQX is the cool Egyptian one also pieced by Barb Kiehn and quilted by me.  Anyway, this is my first entry into a major Machine Quilting show.  Also, Barb’s too.

I’m spending all day, each day, on the current quilt.  Lots of work, that’s for sure.  I promise to show pictures when I finish.

Take care, Carla


14 thoughts on “MQX Entries

  1. Oh Carla- I’m happy to know I’ll see it in person! This is gorgeous and your quilts SO belong at the big girl’s quilting playground!! Best, Kathy

  2. Carla, Beautiful quilting again. Wow! I love pebbles, they remind me of pearls. (elegance ) Did you use circle templates in the border? You will WIN!

  3. I can’t believe this is your first show. The quilt is beautiful.

    Hi Jackie, this is my first major machine quilting focused show entry. Prior, I have showed my work locally in Northern California and also in North Carolina, where I have a dear friend that i quilt for. My biggest show has been at the California State Fair. Thank you though… C

  4. Vicki, I was hoping you were going so I could see them hanging. Perhaps someone else will take pity on me and take some pics if they are going?

    Rebecca, while I appreciate your confidence, I actually do not expect to win anything. The competition is tough, and I’m up against some truly wonderful quilters who spend a lot of time and talent on show quilts.

    I am doing this for the judge’s comments- to help me improve technically. Both quilts only “fit” into one category, so that’s where they went. I entered my quilt and Barb entered hers. I don’t have a problem showing them in the same category because there is no expectation of winning anything.

    Thanks for all the comments!

    Hugs, Carla

  5. OMGarsh! That quilt is a beauty! I am bummed I am not going this year either. I will have to live vicariously through my friends AGAIN….Carla, you are an amazing quilter and have such a beautiful quilting style. You are blessed with a gift my friend!

  6. Hi Carla
    I can see where you quilted it even more (since the Folsom show) — I love the picture!!! Could you e-mail it to me to put in my quilting photo book? I can’t believe you won’t win anything for your quilting — OMG — it’s so absolutely stunning. Either way though it is a thrill to be accepted into a juried show.


  7. I’m scheduled to work every single day of the MQX ;o( but I’m trying to get out of one of those days so I can see all the beautiful work up close and personal. I really hope I can see this one, it’s fabulous!

  8. WOW, Carla – absolutely stunning! Do you mark your quilt before quilting?

    Hi Wendy, It depends from quilt to quilt whether I mark or not. Then, I only mark minimally if I can. For instance, in the quilt picture you see the feathers in the light purple area? I marked only the spine so I knew where I was going. I did use one commercial stencil in the center of the quilt, so I marked there. I also made my own stencils, so I would mark those. I would say that I marked about 10% of this quilt and they were only guidelines, not cast in stone.

    The Egyptian quilt that is also being shown at MQX- that quilt had only one Carla handmade stencil and I drew the hieroglyphics with kid chalk. Otherwise, the rest is freehand. I say anything is fair game to get the look you are after. In some shows, I compete against robot quilting systems, which really have an advantage, if you think about it.

    Happy Quilting, Carla

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