Tropical Poppy Quilt Class

This weekend, I’m teaching my Tropical Poppy quilt in a class at the quilt store.  Yes, a piecing class!!  LOL  In case you are new, this is an easy, fun project using a large scale fabric:


I actually bill this as a therapy quilt because I just love to slice and slash up  the fabrics.  Cheaper than therapy and no copay!!  There is a story behind this:

When I first started quilting 5 years ago, I was quilting 60 hours per week for customers.  One day, I was having a pity party about not being able to piece for myself, so I decided to take an afternoon off, and piece this quilt.  It felt good, too!  LOL

Fast forward 4 years….  hmmmm… guess I should actually quilt one of my unfinished quilt tops, so I pulled it out of my closet and finish it.

I decided to enter it into some local shows and was very surprised when it won a second place in a very large category, and then won Viewer’s Choice at my guild show!!  I didn’t think it would win so I didn’t even vote for it either!  Barb was with me at that show and I think I talked her out of voting for it, too.  LOL!

Other update:  I am quilting my heart out and I have a looming deadline on a guild quilt.  I promise to show pictures, but I want to make more progress first.

Last bit of news…. May will soon be here!!  It has been awhile since I’ve been on a yacht delivery, so I will head off to Fort Lauderdale to crew on a boat delivery to Michigan once again.    Woo-hoo!!!  I hope to blog along the way, plus I will pre-write my Wednesday Quilt Whisperer posts and schedule them to post each Wednesday.  I miss the water….


13 thoughts on “Tropical Poppy Quilt Class

  1. I want to help you deliver that boat! I live in Michigan! how awesome. What kind is it?

    The owner has a couple… not sure if it is the new boat or the brand NEW one. Life must be rough, huh?? LOL I think it is somewhere around 100 feet.

    This time, we are planning to see if my DH can join the crew for a working vacation as the engineer. He would love it plus he could see me! LOL

  2. What a way to have R&R! I live in the middle of the U.S. and I need to be on water and smell the salty air. I love the quilt and quilting, I want to have a class with youuuuu.

  3. Thanks for the reminder — I need to sign up for this class of yours. I’m glad you’re getting to go sailing again — you could use some R&R. :-} Barb

  4. “Fast forward 4 years…. hmmmm… guess I should actually quilt one of my unfinished quilt tops, so I pulled it out of my closet and finish it.”

    Let this be a lesson to us all .. OK, let this be a lesson for ME!

    My UFOs are embarassing! I need to get my butt in gear. You know, I may just get an excited shock because some of my UFO have been out of sight for so long, I’m sure that they’ll seem like new – if I even remember working on them at all! 🙂


  5. I adore this quilt. I loved it the second I saw it hanging in the window at High Sierra Quilters. I don’t know if it is the fabric or the free-spirited pattern placement. Maybe I’ll have to come up there for the next Poppy class.

  6. Thanks! Since this was the first time I taught it, I will revamp my cutting directions to be more visual. LOL! The colors are very graphic and bold, that’s why I love it, too.

    Mark, glad to see you taking time from the magazine, fielding PR calls, and designing fabric to visit my blog and comment. Love the latest quilt controversy- any press is good press, right?

    PS: that is the good side of getting older and having issues with our memory, every time you visit your fabric stash, it looks new!

    Ramona, you are too funny!! Hugs, Carla

  7. Carla,
    Your site is beautiful and YOU are very talented! My maiden name is Barrett, was born in Richmond, Virginia….sure we aren’t related? lol…. Anyhoo, how long did you practice before you became the awesome quilter that you are….your work is FANTASTIC!!!! WOW! I will be visiting you often! SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL WORK!!!!

    Pleased to meet you, Pam! My husband’s great grandfather was Oscar W. Barrett of Chicago, and his grandfather was Lawrence Blake Barrett, known for the Barrett Cigar Company. There is a Barrett historian named Stephen Barrett who has done a fabulous job on researching genealogy. You just never know? LOL

    As for the other question, there is no question that I have matured since my early days, but I am still not yet content with my skills. I still have lots of room to grow. I do happen to have an example of my early quilting at When I did Kari’s quilt I had only a few months under my belt. At the time I did it, it was my best effort.

    Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will come back! Carla

  8. Carla,

    This is your husband’s 2nd cousin on the Barrett side. But I’m not sure if he is the son of Betty, John, Bill, or Charles. Curiousity got the best of me. Please reply

    Steve Barrett

  9. Hi Steve, I just sent you an email and yes, you are indeed the “Stephen Barrett” who has done a fabulous job on the Barrett Family history. Thanks for all the work you have done!! Btw, Joe is the son of Charles, who sadly passed away in 1983.

    Now, the big question, how do I get my hands on a Barrett Cigar memento to give to Joe as a present???

    Thanks from your 2nd Cousin by marriage 🙂 Carla

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