Selvages giveaway…

No, not me this time….  go check out Moda Lissa’s blog here.  She is having a selvage contest on her blog.

If you don’t know what a selvage is?  Here’s a pile of mine:


By the way, don’t throw out your selvages… you can always save them for me.  🙂  I tell you what, everyone who sends me their selvages will be entered into a drawing, the contest and prize to be revealed at a later time (translation:  I haven’t made it yet!).  I will hold a selvage contest in a couple of months, so that gives you all plenty of time to save up those selvages!!

Speaking of Sevages, be sure to check out Karen’s blog, aptly titled, “Sevage Blog.”  Karen has a wonderful book, titled, “Quilts From the Selvaged Edge:”


By the way, thanks to Karen Griska for honoring Feathered Fibers blog with a Kreativ Blogger Award here:


I need to pass the love around, so let me think on which blogs I will  select. Keep watching!!  And a big thank you to Karen, I am very honored to have my blog chosen!

Current quilt updates: This week, before I start the Opportunity quilt, I need to do 2 quick projects.  One is a comforter for a decorator project.  The quilt will be a 2 sided thick decorator fabric with 2 thick fluffy batts inside it.  This will be a 2 person job to handle the bulk, so luckily my friend, Marge, will be on hand to help out in the studio.

The blue/white feathered star quilt is my other smaller project.  This quilt will be going to my guild’s outgoing president.

I am looking forward to quilting the 2010 Opportunity Quilt for the Foothill Guild (located in Auburn, CA).  I’ve ordered in special thread, batting, and other goodies.  I plan to start this quilt  later in the week, just as soon as the black batting arrives.

Last, but not least– Before I go, I wanted to thank all of you who sent me LOTS of images of quilt tops for my new weekly post on Quilting Designs.  You all are terrific!!  Eventually, I will get to them all, too.

Happy Quilting!  Carla


7 thoughts on “Selvages giveaway…

  1. Thank you for the tutorial on the selvage blocks. Your blocks are lovely. I just recently started saving selvages but wasn’t too sure of what to do with them after. Take care, Dianne B. in England

  2. Carla, How wide are you supposed to do the selvages?? I go thru alot of them with all the piecing of the backings I do and usually I just rip them off, but I could start cutting instead…..

    Karen L

    Thanks, Karen, cut selvages are better. I especially love it if there is enough fabric added so I can piece them together. 🙂

  3. Do you care if the selvages are torn? How much fabric attached?

    Hi Barb, please cut them….. I would certainly appreciate it!!! Hugs, C

  4. You the same Carla Barrett who used to crack me up in Minnesota? Please email me. Betty Pego’s looking for you too!

    Sandy!! I was just thinking of you!! And Lori S-C and I were wondering how Betty is?? I will email you… Hugs, Carla

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