Kato’s Alive!

Our elderly kitty,( so-named Kato by the kids who thought it would be funny to name a cat after an infamous other house guest) was adopted by our family about 13 years ago.  She is a long-haired calico breed:


Kato looks pretty good for her age, I must say.  Anyhow, Kato went missing a bit ago.  Searching our land didn’t turn up the missing kitty, but we knew it was out of character for her to disappear.  We feared the worst.

On Sunday, MY DH and DD were talking about it and came up with the idea to  hunt for Kato down at Rancher Ed’s old barn.  So they went down to the neighbor’s barn and started calling for Kato.  After a few minutes of calling, they heard a faint mew.

They opened the barn door and went in.  Kato had hurt herself (front leg sprain), but had made a hole inside a bale of hay and was unable to walk home.  She didn’t have food or water,  so if they hadn’t found her, she probably would have starved to death.

So now she is safely home, and being fed milk, tuna and assorted other goodies.  I have kitty sized pain pills for the sprain, but she is too smart to eat it.  I’ve tried hiding it in a jar of baby turkey, also in a tuna ball.   I’ve tried to open her jaw and just drop it down, but that doesn work either.  Any ideas??

So now Kato is down to 8 lives.

16 thoughts on “Kato’s Alive!

  1. I’m glad you found her!!! No suggestion on how to get her to take her pill. We always got liquid meds for our cats and a syringe. It also was very messy…LOL

  2. Oh, I’m so glad you found your kitty; she’s beautiful. We have a long kind of pill pusher that we got from the vet. You put the pill in the bottom, place the tube down the cat’s throat (easier said than done) and push the handle which shoots the pill down their throat. They don’t even have to swallow. It was quite inexpensive (unusual for anything at the vets). Good luck, I’m sure she is very happy to be safe and sound at home…Kathy

  3. Glad to hear the search and rescue team went to Rancher Ed’s barn. Cannot offer assistance on the kitty pills…our kitty is tiny and more easily ‘over-powered’. Plus it helps that she doesn’t have front claws!

    Karen A.

  4. o wow – great stuff that they had the idea to search there for her! she’s a GORGEOUS cat too!

    hmmm .. grind it up and put in the tuna, mixed thoroughly would be my suggestion .. or you can grind it up, mix it with water and then using a syringe (the ones you fill ink tanks with – NO needle), slowly dribble it down her throat .. or even use an eyedropper .. i’ve used that to get meds down persnickety cats .. and i win every time 😀

    glad she’s back!!



  5. Glad you found her, the poor thing….maybe try grinding it up and mixing it with a few drops of tuna oil, then pouring it onto her paws. Any self respecting kitty will lap that RIGHT off…oil on her fur!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  6. Glad you found this beautiful lady just in time!
    I would do as oreneta mentions. At least it is the safiest way for your finger, and it is effective. When nothing else works, it is how I proceed.
    usually, tuna does the trick.
    My vet has also a kind of pasta. You roll the pill in it, and it looks just like a standard cat chow. Works well.
    I had one kitty who would unhide the pill hidden in her food and put it somewhere where I could not miss it, then eat her food, and in good days eat the pill as well. She just wanted to make sure I had fooled her…

  7. glad your Kato is home safe and sound. As for the meds, you just have to find the food they’ll lap up without checking it for pills. For Chloe, it’s a piece of banana; for Harry a piece of chicken. When Ira was alive the trick was to wrap the pill in a small piece of cheese and zap it in the microwave to melt the cheese around the pill.

    When the meds were really important, I have had a compounding Pharmacist mix the meds up in a transdermal formula. Then all you have to do is rub the prescribed amount into the hairless skin inside their ear and it is absorbed thru the skin

  8. With difficult cats try 2 people if you need to. Pretend you are going to pick her up in a towel. Wrap her up swadling style so her claws are out of action. One person holds the cat in the towel and the other (one with smallest fingers) has to open her mouth wide and push the tablet down gently with your finger to the point of no return. You can try lubricating the tablet with a tiny little bit of cooking oil ( I would only try this if it won’t start to dissolve – some of them do have a shiney coating that make them easier to swallow). Once the tablet is down that far, automatic reflex means she should swallow it. If she still manages to spit it out, you may need to gently hold her mouth closed so she has to swallow.

    May sound a bit cruel but this method also works well with young children and liquid meds through a syringe.

  9. Sorry your kitty feels bad, but I am glad she is safe.
    My little dog loves the taste of cheese, so we put his pills in that soft cheese that comes in cans. First we give him a good taste, then some cheese with the pill, and top it off with another taste of cheese. He gets so involved he doesn’t know he is taking a pill. Maybe it will work for you.

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