Bed Quilt

Ok, I’m finished with the bed quilt I was working on for my friend, Linda.  Here are the pictures.  In case you are interested in my quilting thoughts for this quilt, look below the slideshow:

In the blue area that doesn’t show, I used my favorite flower.  I can quilt this flower in my sleep, I just like it.  I used my Quilt EZ circle board so that the flower centers will look perfect.

The windmill feather is my design from sketching around.  To keep them all looking similar, I cut one ferny spine out of template plastic to use as a home-made stencil.

The border was just freeform quilting… it is fast and comfortable.

Next up is “In the Garden.”  I need to finish it and improve any previous rush quiltings.  LOL

Enjoy your weekend!  Carla

10 thoughts on “Bed Quilt

  1. Beautiful! All this beautiful quilting makes me want to try one… Of course if I did would be the one to quilt it… but don’t worry I probably won’t be adding to your schedule any time soon as I would have to learn to quilt first ..HA Miss seeing ya.

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  3. Carla,

    Thank you for visiting me and leaving the kind comment on my Bluebird Ballad quilt.

    The quilting you did on the bed quilt is absolutely stunning!! You are such an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing pictures of your work!

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