Early Quilt Slideshow

I have lost count of how many quilts I have quilted in the last 5 years.  Every so often, I get to see one of my early quilted quilts, and it is a real treat- like visiting a long-lost friend.

I had some recent visitors this week, and they were kind to bring along this quilt to display in my home or studio.  When you look at the quilting slideshow of this quilt, remember this was an early effort- LOL  Click on the thumbnail images or view them as a slideshow:

The quilt is called, “Starred and Feathers” and was pieced by Kari McDonald.   Thanks, Kari!


Yesterday, Feathered Fibers made the 100 top growing blog list on WordPress thanks to you!  I also hit another big milestone, so keep watching for a future blog giveaway.

Take care!  Carla


4 thoughts on “Early Quilt Slideshow

  1. You are such a beginner on this quilt — LOL!!! How fun to revisit a quilt from the past. I give my quilts away and once in a while I visit someone’s home and there is my quilt — very fun.

  2. It is a great experience to see an old friend after a long break, and that is what it feels like to see one of my quilts.
    Congratulations on making the Top 100!
    Judy B

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