Weekend Selvage Quilt

My quick weekend quilt piecing project is almost completed.  I finished the middle main section of this simple selvage quilt, but I still need to add the borders.  So, here it is before  adding the borders and the quilting:


I love the details, looking at where the selvages came from.  No inexpensive fabric used here- LOL!  My favorite selvage is from the “Dysfunctional Family” fabric:



Next step is to audition fabrics to add as borders.  Since this is a recycle and reuse project, I need to find enough border material laying around or in my junk material pile.  I have to get creative, but I did find these materials:


Hmmm… I need to put more thought into it.  Keep watching to see how this turns out!

By the way, this isn’t my first project where I have incorporated selvages,   I’ll take a photo of some earlier work from years ago where I incorporated selvages into a purse and crochet purse.

Be sure to save your selvages!!  I’m not above begging you all for some either…  I have no shame. LOL

Happy Quilting!  Carla


8 thoughts on “Weekend Selvage Quilt

  1. Hi Barb! Yes, there were sewn onto the black squares in strips, overlapping them all. It helps to have an extra 1/4 inch of fabric attached for the overlapping part.

    I left the blank spaces for me to quilt on- LOL!

  2. Oh, I love the way this turned out.

    I did a Red Zinger with selvages a few weeks ago and it looks great on my office wall. I love this HST log-cabin-esque setting even more. The color dots are what intrigue me. Can’t have too many dots. I can’t wait to see how you quilt it.

    I hope that you will post a photo of your previous projects.

  3. OK, I am now officially out of the habit of simply turning these under and using them in the piece…well, the inside of the piece. I am not sure I would ever use them, they certainly don’t accumulate all that fast around here…but if I get a collection together, they’re yours.

  4. Carla: I am doing a program for our quilt guild with selvages and what can be done with them. May I use a picture of your selvage quilt? I have made blocks of this type but did not lay them out in this fashion. Thank you. Jan from Huntley

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