Save Your Selvages

For the uninitiated, selvages are the edge of the commercial printed fabric and look like this:


For years, I have saved my selvages because I want to make things out of them.  I especially like the ones with writing and the color dots- which represent all the various color printings in the fabric.

In the spirit of recycle/reuse, consider making a fiber or quilted item and post them on your blog.  Alternatively, you may send a picture to me and I’ll post them too.  Remember, I can be bribed using your scrap selvages, too!

Keep watching, I have several selvage projects in the works.

Regards, Carla

7 thoughts on “Save Your Selvages

  1. Cool idea with the selvedges, I always just hemmed them in, though I have hardly sewn much either….

    I love the cabbage quilt you have hanging…I know you feel you’ve gone a long way, and I am sure you have, but it is a neat bit of work. And Jerry’s quilt is stunning. I like the drama of the quilts you have done with black.

  2. You know .. I’m seeing more and more posts regarding selvages .. postcards, crumb blocks, string quilts ..

    ya’ll are finally getting to me!! I actually thought twice before tossing my selvages from the borders I did yesterday (still pitched them tho), but I think I’ll dig them out of my scrap bag and put them into another ..

    thanx for the reminder carla!!


  3. I LOVE selvedges too! They look wonderfully kitsch together!
    Look forward to them being the highlight in work rather than being hidden

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