Still Life with Oscar


Oscar, who happens to be my favorite kitty, is perched above on his chair in my his house.  He also loves to lay across my chest while I am trying to write on my computer, too.

The world globe was a Christmas present to my husband to place in his office/library.  However, I  stole borrowed it because it looks perfect in the great room.

The “Cabbage Rose” pattern quilt is hanging behind Oscar.  This was actually the very first quilt I quilted when I purchased my longarm many years ago.  It allows me to see how far I have become in both my quilting style and technique.

Do any of you hang a first quilted quilt in your home, too?


Mini Artist Profile: By the way, I forgot to mention that the quilt that Doug pieced  recently that I quilted was a pattern by my friend, Jerry Fujimoto.  You all might remember this quilt by Jerry that I quilted a few months ago:



I received a phone call from Jerry, saying how much he loved the quilting on Doug’s quilt, plus saying he was planning to send the quilt above to several shows this year.  I believe he said it will be first shown at the Denver Quilt Fest in April.

I have been encouraging Jerry to get his website up so you can see his patterns.  I have one of them I can’t wait to piece, too.   I have a feeling Jerry and I will collaborate on some more stuff in the future!

Jerry has also purchased an A1 longarm, so I expect great quilting from him in the future!

3 thoughts on “Still Life with Oscar

  1. I love your kitty — I miss having a cat. The first quilt I ever pieced was six inch squares of different blues going diagonal across the quilt. My niece has it but I’ve promised her a much better quilt in the future.

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