Catch up!

I was going to write an insightful post about the state where I live and what is happening in our state government.  Then I quickly came to my senses.  My blog is about quilting, fiber arts, jewelry arts, etc.  My blog is about creativity.  Whew… close call.

Catch up time: A quick shout out to Sheryn Lewis and Linda Hancock, who so kindly sent me floss to send on the Lori for the Helping Hands project in Africa.  You 2 women are wonderful!  And a huge thank you to you both!  Lori, I’m cleaning out my studio and sending you a package!

Classes that I teach- Wow!  for some reason, all my classes are sold out and I’ve had requests to add more.  It is nice to be appreciated….  LOL!

Did I mention that Woody the Redneck contractor finally got our security gate going??  Yes, it finally works, camera, keypad and all.  I now have to contact the local emergency services with our code, plus tell trusted neighbors (like Rancher Ed).

It feels good to have this barrier in place, no more lost people knocking on our door for directions, no more religious cults trying to convert us, no more cows eating my garden, life is good.

Speaking of the native wildlife, no one has seen our local mountain lion lately…perhaps he/she has moved on.

Baby Jack is now walking, he is so blasted cute!  His personality is really coming out, he reminds me of his father- my son- at that age.

I’m in the midst of another friend’s quilt- this one is for Doug’s sister, Linda.  Well actually, the quilt is a present for Rainy, who is Linda’s daughter and Doug’s niece.  Pictures to come.

Enjoy your day!  I’m thinking it is time I did some more beading and freeform crochet, the colors call to me……


4 thoughts on “Catch up!

  1. Perhaps you could give some consideration to teaching at MQX next year? I’d sign up to be your ‘angel’ in a heartbeat.

    Karen A.

    Thanks for the vote of faith!

  2. That;s great about your classes filling up, Carla. I signed up for the Quilt Whisperer class next month and mentioned it on the APQS forum. I got immediate response asking how to sign up, etc. I hope that Laura from Vacaville and Laurie from Vallejo got in before the class filled up. See you next month.

    BTW, teaching at Innovations or Road is closer….

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