If we are lucky, maybe we will see snow once a year.  Every few years, it will snow enough to cover the ground.  Snow started falling yesterday morning  and it snowed for hours.

Here is the view out my front door, my back door, and the side:






As you can tell, I have a pretty nice view where I live!  The snow didn’t last, but maybe we will get more tonight!

And oh yes, before I forget:


Happy Valentine’s Day!!  Tonight we are celebrating by attending a fund-raising Crab Feed with Rancher Ed and neighbors down at the Veteran’s Hall.  If that sounds like small town Americana- yes, it is.  LOL!

What are you doing tonight?  Carla

4 thoughts on “Snow!!

  1. gosh for a second i thought your heart was made of maggots… UGH! I am queen of the remote tonight.. gene has been helping bro with a movie filming today… so i am pretty much in heaven..I GET TO WATCH WHAT I WANT!

    HI Faith, maggots, eh?? I trained them to go in a heart shape? LOL Have fun tonight, girlfriend. I just got back from the crab feed. Good friends, good company, good time! Take care, Carla

  2. Love the snow photos. Weather here today is pleasant, but creeping up towards another heat wave in the next few days.
    I have never seen snow, but saw a frost once which looked like snow!
    Judy B

  3. The snow makes me nostalgic …I was raised out in the country in Western NY. How beautiful it is. I liked Doug’s quilt — such beautiful fabric and colors and as always your quilting! We went out this morning for a fabulous brunch in Woodland — stayed home and cuddled on the couch and watched old movies for Valentines.

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