Not Your Typical Dog Behavior

My big, black pound puppy Rex, now an elderly 10 years old, has some rather strange behavior.

How many dogs do you know that behaves like a cow?  He has been doing this for years whenever we have visiting cows.  You would think the cows are afraid of him, but they are not.

In case you believe I am making this up, I finally have pictures to prove it.  Picture #1 is of Rex grazing with a black teenage bull:


This is pretty typical.  I’ve even seen him in a whole herd where he grazed among them.

Next picture, he decides to revert back to doggy behavior and sniff the bull’s -ehem- behind:


He also does this frequently.  He has had a few cows that didn’t appreciate it and tried to kick him, but thankfully, they have missed.

So now YOUR turn… what weird behavior does your pet do?

Hugs, Carla

8 thoughts on “Not Your Typical Dog Behavior

  1. Hilarious! I had a cat who chased the neighbors hunting dog (Ripper) around his OWN backyard. He was my favorite cat — he would sometimes bite me in the ankle when I was bringing him his food! I loved him anyway. LOL

  2. You mean aside from his propensity to eat human sh*t whenever he gets the chance and eat whatever cat food he can find?

    When he runs really really fast and is chasing something, his tail goes round and round in a circle like a helicopter roter…I find it boundlessly hilarious. Maybe he thinks it will give him more speed?!?

  3. You have to ask? LOL You have met Buster, the tv watching canine? HA….. those cows and that bull are Rex’s pack… He doesn’t know anything different.. Too funny!

  4. I have a dog that watches animals on TV..he just wants to PLAY with them all! I also had a cat that would play fetch with a piece of wadded up tin foil…and he would flick his tail when you pointed at it…and said WAG. He would not wag it again until you pointed and said WAG. Nick was the neatest cat I ever had.

  5. How funny! Our 9-year old pound puppy chases her tail and catches it. Often times she comes away with a mouthful of fur if she pulls hard enough. She’s a sweet girl though and doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.

  6. Max & Gracie are grazers just like your Rex! They will “mow” their kennel in the summer and not get sick! I always say it must be a deficency in their diet 🙂 …they love grass.

  7. My sheltie, Katie, chases shadows. She waits until you sit down at the table or in a chair with a light behind you then whenever you move, she attacks the shadows ferociously making sure they know who’s boss. She also stands guard over the fireplace opening waiting for the woodpecker who visits each spring to pummel the metal chimney announcing he’s available.

  8. Unfortunately, our dog (Scooter) is not active enough to be very interesting. He’s an 11 yr old black lab mix that looks a lot like Rex only SEVERAL pounds heavier. He is actually DS’s dog and he knows it!

    He only eats when DS is home. Yep, no eating food until DS returns from school. Perhaps college will be his new diet plan. LOL! (He used to not drink water either but a couple years ago he must’ve figured that was a bit too extreme.)

    He also tattletales on DS quite frequently. When he starts to follow me around and sits right next to me with a certain look, I know DS has forgotten to feed or water him. As soon as I say “Andrew?”, he gets up and goes to his bowls.

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