Latest WIP and New Goals

Good Morning!  I am busy working on a quilt for my friend, Doug.  Doug restores and makes retro teardrop trailers.  Here is his most recent teardrop:

Doug also makes special quilts to match his trailers.  He is a really good piecer, too, and his quilts are always nice and straight.  Ladies, Doug is single and he owns a quilt store too.  Hahaha!  Maybe I should offer my services as a matchmaker!!  LOL!

So I am midway through my latest Doug quilt.  I will show you a picture when I get further along.

New Goal- One of the downsides to having a creative brain is that I have dozens of cool art quilt designs inside just waiting to be realized!  I also miss piecing quilts.  So, my goal for the year is to actually create and finish a few of these designs.  I  want to create a wholecloth , a shadow trapunto quilt, plus play with photo transfer, pictorial quilts and painted surface design.

So, my first goal is to finish the quilts on hand.  Then I can work on my own stuff!

Another goal is to make Baby Jack a  quilt, so I have started cutting it out.  I want to put Minkee material on the back, but something I’ve noticed is that Minkee is hard to find these days. I guess I need to Google it.

Off to quilt now!  Hugs, Carla


4 thoughts on “Latest WIP and New Goals

  1. Adorable Teardrop!!! Put me in touch with Doug! Walt has been Ebaying for a Bambi for the beach:)
    I seriously cant find time for piecing either. I have 3 started… but so much upheaval in this life o mine Im just rolling with it all. Hope you are well.

  2. Do you hand piece or only machine piece? I do know some folks who have one hand piece quilt on the go so that they can carry a little kit around with them and work on it wherever they are……

  3. is a great place for Minkee!! Not affiliated, etc. but I know they have a great variety of colors and textures.

    BTW – does Doug have a website where one can see his trailers? I have been looking at these types and the one you just posted is beautiful!

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