Quilt Show Tonight

I’m looking forward to the show tonight.  I’m going as a guest of my friend, Barb, and it is tradition we go out for dinner first.

Confession time…  I actually ran out of time for my last quilt, In the Garden,  so after the show it goes back on my table for more SID work,  and extra quilting.    I’m sure I’m not the first quilter to do this, nor will I be the last!  LOL

Here is a sneak peek at the back of the quilt:


Don’t look too close, I don’t think I had clipped threads when I took this shot.  LOL!

No matter how Barb’s quilts do, I  am pleased with our collaboration.  This is her guild, and so I hope she does very well among her peers.

Off to dinner!  Carla

4 thoughts on “Quilt Show Tonight

  1. Have fun! Good Luck to Barb! ( and you too!)

    Hey you never answered me.. anything new on the metalworking front? did you ever make it to a class?

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