Big Hair, Embroidery Floss, and More!

I was visiting Lori’s blog this morning and what do I see?  A post and picture of the two of us back in the early 1990’s, judging by the hair do on my head.  File this under, “What was I thinking?”   Anyway, it gave me a good laugh about myself!

Visiting Lori’s blog also reminded me of a worthy cause she is helping out- The Hand-to-Hand Project collecting embroidery floss so that women of the Wodaabe tribe in Niger may support their families.  Lori writes:

“…  the Nomad Foundation, which benefits the nomadic people of Niger. The women of the Wodaabe tribe do incredibly fine and detailed embroidery which the non-profit NOMAD Foundation sells. Proceeds from the sales build schools and dig wells for the remote people of the Sahara desert.”

While visiting Lori, I saw some handiwork from the tribe and it is incredible!  So consider this a plea to donate any old embroidery floss to this cause.  You may either send it to me, and I will get it to Lori, or you can send it directly to Lori.  If you leave me a comment mentioning this project, I will contact you privately with mailing instructions.

In my own studio, I came across a huge pile of floss that I never used- so that will be donated.  I also will look for floss on my thrift store excursions, too.

I don’t know about you, but I often feel that I have won the lottery of life by just being born in a wealthy country.  Sometimes, it takes so little to do so much for others.

Keep watching to blog for pictures from the quilt show.  I attend the preview show tonight, so I will show you lots of pictures from interesting quilts and fiber items that I see.   Hugs, Carla


8 thoughts on “Big Hair, Embroidery Floss, and More!

  1. Thanks for posting this, Carla!
    I am so excited about this project. By giving a small donation of embroidery floss, we have the opportunity to make a big difference in the lives of other women. Though our cultures and living situations are a world apart, we share a common interest in our work with fiber.
    Your help is appreciated so much!

  2. Oh, boy – I can empty a drawer in the studio and help a worthy cause at the same time. I will send floss pronto – just tell me where.


  3. I have a great deal of floss left over from various projects over the years. Would love to contribute.



  4. I just finished a needlepoint stocking and have a lot of the yarn/floss left over. Are you still interested in this? Thanks!

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