Super Bowl and Groundhogs

Count me among those who watch the Super Bowl only to see the half time show and watch the commercials.

I have to say, being a longtime Bruce fan, that I LOVED his halftime show!  It was filled with lots of “Bruceisms” including the slip & slide across the stage, swinging the guitar around, jumping off the piano, his duo moments with both Clarence and Stevie Van Zant, and more!  Classic Bruce condensed into 12 minutes… what could be better?

The commercials this year were not as strong.  I felt the horse ads were recycled- it felt like I had seen them before.  I like the idea of 3-D  commercials, sponsored by Intel (DH employer), but it wasn’t clear how you were supposed to get the 3-D glasses?  They were not handing them out at Intel plants either.  Go figure.  Anyhow, it left me wishing I could get the full effect of the ad.

The Conan O’Brien ad was funny, other than that, no other commercials stand out.  Do you watch the Super Bowl like me only for the ads and show?  If so, what were your favorite ads?


Happy Groundhog Day!!!  Many years ago, I gave birth to my daughter on Groundhog Day, so I always remember this holiday.  I still fondly remember that one year when she was in 3rd grade and I threw a groundhog themed party.  It was fun!  The girls created wearable groundhog ears, we played pin the shadow on the groundhog, I made a groundhog cake, you get the general idea.

So here’s to celebrating the day and groundhogs everywhere!  The Rodex 4000 is not allowed out to play today either.   LOL!!

Hugs, Carla


9 thoughts on “Super Bowl and Groundhogs

  1. The commercials with the 3D glasses were amazing. I really did jump when the lizard hit the screen and it shattered. We were in the video store to rent a movie and they had them on the counter. Apparently no one was taking them…they practically begged us to take some! I wasn’t impressed with the commercials either, I can’t think of one that really stood out to me. This year the game was better than the commercials!

  2. We saw for a month that you could get the glasses at the Sobe vitamin water display in your retail store.. however every time we asked no one knew anything about it.. until the week before and we found them easily in stacks.

    I liked the 3D commercials… but my favorite funny commercial was the bud light commercial where the newbie gets booted out of the boardroom through the window… Ok i have a sick sense of humor.. just thought it was funny… The Doritos commercials were good too done by the two brothers… other that nothing else stood out.

    I had company to entertain so i couldn’t enjoy too much.


  3. I to only watch the commercials! To make it even worse, i Tivo the whole thing so i can watch it later, skipping the game itself just to watch the adds. Sad yes, but true! This year however i was very disappointed nothing major that i would brag about seeing.But I did enjoy seeing some of the movie previews. I heard on Good Morning America that add time this year was running at$100,000.00 per second. I guess that would probably be one of the reasons we didn’t see any really amazing adds, all the money probably went to just get a spot during the game! Oh well, there is always next year : * )

  4. I’m with you Carla, I enjoy the game for the social activities, food, and commercials. I liked the Sobe 3-D commercial and we had more than enough 3-D glasses as everyone brought enough for the entire group. This year, in addition to our usual football pool (a buck a square) we added in a side bet: guess which songs Bruce would sing. A good time was had by all and the winners left a bit richer. My oldest son, who may be enjoying his last days as a teenager (or more likely, looking forward to no longer being a teenager), was born this week too, so we always turn the big super bowl bash into his birthday party. (PS – Save your 3-D glasses for watching 4th of July fireworks displays; really cool!)

  5. I also loved the one were they tossed the newbie out the window………hey nobody really got hurt! I also liked the one with Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head…………………..she is just going on and on until her lip fall off and roll down the hill and she is still going on and on but he can’t hear it any more.

  6. carla

    i have to agree with you on that one – they didn’t have as much punch to them as in past years .. and sitting here thinking 10 days after the Superbowl, nothing really stands out .. some were cute and some I liked, but as for remembering one now .. i can’t do it … cepting the budweiser ones and I agree with you, they are rather recycled and I didn’t enjoy them as much

    I watch both for the half time show, commercials AND the game 🙂


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