“In the Garden” Finished Quilt

Yes!  I beat my quilt deadline, though Barb might laugh at that since she still has to bind it!  LOL  This quilt belongs to-  and was quilted by me.  Also,  it was lovingly  designed and pieced by Barbara Kiehn of Sacramento, CA.  The focal fabric was designed by Jason Yenter, In the Beginning Fabrics; it is his Floragraphix II line.

A question I often get is how long does a quilt like this take me to do?  I started it on January 19th and finished it on Feb. 1st, 2009.  Actually, after the show, I will reload it and add alot more work to it:  more stitch-in-the-ditch, probably a new design in the medium green areas.

Here are a couple of pictures I took before it gets handed off to Barb:





By the way, I appreciate all your  encouragement provided to me along the way.  I know it probably got boring to see yet another picture of this quilt, but I wanted to document the quilting as it progressed.

Quick shout out to Barb, the designer and piecer.  I’ve talked Barb into coming out with a line of her quilt designs, and I think she is going to do it.  She has a new grand-daughter, born about a week ago, so congratulations are in order!

Another shout out to Pat Campbell. She designed the lovely stencil motif used in the light center of the quilt and it may be purchased through Quilting Creation Intl. Thanks, Pat!

If you live near Sacramento, you may see this quilt on display at the Folsom Quilt Show from February 6-8, 2009.

Onto the next quilt now….

Regards, Carla


22 thoughts on ““In the Garden” Finished Quilt

  1. I had to spend some time admiring the quilting, it is absolutely beautiful. I am new to machine quilting, so learning a bit at a time. I use a pfaff creative vision, so need more practice on my free motion.


    Is your Pfaff set on a stand up system? Or are you moving the quilt through the throat? I think it is so much easier to quilt with a stand up system, imho. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment! -C

  2. Can’t wait to see pictures of the whole quilt…the bits and pieces you’ve shown us are absolutely wonderful! Someday maybe…I’ll be able to quilt like this! 🙂

    Hi Jami, appreciate your nice comments! Actually, I haven’t shown a full picture since the quilt will later be offered by the designer as a pattern.

    I bet you can quilt like this, no problem…. just break it down into manageable bits, then just go for it. Oh yes, PPP, too. Take care, C

  3. Why will you add more after the show rather than before? If you think it will be better for it. Is it a question of time or what the judges might like or personalisation??

    Just curious.

    Hi C, out of time… so I will add some more finishing touches after this show. I’m doing it to satisfy me and my crazy own high standards. LOL Hugs, Carla

  4. Wow…Carla, it’s gorgeous! No. Stunning, really.

    Thank you, OneL! I’m thinking this might be my first quilt to send to some bigger shows this year. Thought I would give it a go to get constructive feedback to improve my technique. Perhaps I should email you for tips.

    Say, I have a pack of inchies for you. I need to resend them, so I will email you for a proper address. Hugs, C

  5. Now don’t assume that anyone gets tired of seeing the same quilt over and over…………………….I really love to see the in progress photos so keep them comming. This last one is truely lovely.

    Also congratulations on catching the eye of the the “Quilt of The Week” on MQR…………………..your Egyptean quilt is just wonderful…………..another one I was keeping track of as you worked on it.

  6. Your work is always exquisite, but it’s wonderful to see it on a quilt that allows it to shine so brightly!

    You are a great inspiration to me, and I’m sure to others as well. Please keep showing us pictures of your work in progress. I learn something new every time I read your blog.

  7. As always over the top quilting. Send it off to as many shows as you can — I can’t think of anything they’d find to criticize tho — truly a stunning job! I love it!

  8. That is the most gorgeous quilting I have ever seen, oh my goodness!!! I always send out–maybe one day – I can learn.

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